If you are struggling to pay your rent or fuel bills, you can call our Income Collection Team who may be able to help.
Phone: 020 8080 6587
Website: barnethomes.org/contact-us

We provide advice on:

  • Paying your rent, including arrears management and budgeting
  • Benefit and income maximisation – making sure you are claiming all that you are entitled to
  • Energy advice and tips, and how to access national support schemes.
  • Financial support – how you can manage debt, and which other routes of financial support are available for you.

Barnet Homes will be offering Free Budgeting Advice Sessions from June 2022 onwards. If you are interested in attending a session please contact your Income Collection Officer or email talktous@barnethomes.org, where an appointment or session will be offered to you.

Getting DWP benefits or Tax Credits? Then this will affect you…

Between May 2022 and late 2024 persons of working age claiming legacy benefits (Income Support, Income Based Jobseekers Allowance (JSA-IB), Income Related Employment and Support Allowance (ESA-IR), Housing Benefit (HB) and Tax Credits) will receive notification letters from the DWP explaining that they need to make a claim for Universal Credit (UC) within a three-month deadline date. Couples will be sent separate notification letters. Pensioners (who don’t have a partner of working age) and supported housing customers will continue to be entitled to receive HB once they migrate to UC. People claiming UC under the managed migration process are entitled to apply for an ‘Advance Payment’ due to the five week delay in receiving their first UC payment, and a UC top up payment called ‘transitional protection’ if their UC entitlement will be less than the amount they receive for their legacy Benefits. It is important to make your UC claim once notified by the DWP as your legacy Benefits will automatically stop after three months and you may lose the transitional protection, if you were entitled. The UC claim is made and managed online.

It is important once you are notified by the DWP to seek help in good time if needed to make a UC claim or if you don’t have a device to make the UC application, Barnet Homes and our partners at BOOST can help you with this. If you need assistance, please contact us on 020 8610 3538.