Barnet Homes Resident Board

Over the past year we have been busy behind the scenes working with our Resident Performance Advisory Group (PAG) to strengthen their role in scrutinising our housing services. We are pleased to announce the groups (PAG) time and energy spent in developing their vision has led to the creation of the Barnet Homes Resident Board.

The Resident Board is the highest level of involvement; being a member requires a high level of commitment, although it is an exciting and rewarding opportunity for residents.

The Resident Board is accountable to the Barnet Homes Group Board, Tenants and Leaseholders living in properties managed by Barnet Homes. The Board will continue to play an important role in monitoring our operational performance, influencing strategic priorities, policy and making recommendations to the Barnet Homes Group Board.

The Resident Board now has within its membership a Group Board Director who chairs the Resident Board and is also a resident. These changes will provide a closer relationship between the two Boards

Eamon McGoldrick, Chair of the Barnet Group Board said “I am absolutely delighted that The Barnet Group has set up a Residents Board. It is essential that we have residents’ views at the heart of our decision-making processes. The Residents Board will add huge value by helping to monitor day to day service delivery and ensuring that the residents voice is heard in every decision that the Group Board makes”

The Resident Board will hold four business meetings a year. If you would like to attend a meeting as observer, or interested in finding out more about the Resident Board, you can email or call Deborah Beckford on 020 8359 5307.

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