This section explains what to do if you want to sublet your home and what you remain responsible for.

If you want to sublet your home, please complete, sign and return our subletting form.

Our let2barnet service

We offer all Barnet Homes leaseholders a specially designed lettings service.

Our let2barnet gold and service services make lettings easy, with complete management and rent collection options.

Find out more about let2barnet.

What you remain responsible for

Even after you have moved out of your property you will remain responsible for:

  • paying your annual and major works service charges
  • meeting all your responsibilities under the lease
  • letting us know how to contact you in an emergency
  • letting us have contact details for your tenant in case we need to contact them in an emergency
  • letting us know where we can write to you if you do not want us to send your letters to the property
  • letting the insurance team know that you have sublet your property.
  • management and behaviour of your sub-tenant.