If you have lost your Fob key please let us know immediately so we can deactivate the fob for you.

In order to purchase additional fob keys, you will need to contact Barnet Homes on 020 8080 6587 , or send an email to Talk2Us@barnethomes.org.

Fob keys cost £15 for your first order and £25 for any additional fob ordered after that. You will need to pay for your fob key with cash.

 If your fob key is not in stock we will order a new one, but you may have to wait up to two weeks for the fob to be delivered to us.

If you live at one of the following addresses:

  • Brisbane Court 1-6 N10 2NP
  • Christchurch Close 1a,1b, 2-16 N12 0PY
  • Colchester Road HA8 0QZ
  • Derby House 1-7 NW4 1QS
  • Gaskarth Road HA8 0DQ
  • Lower Fosters NW4 2DJ
  • Market Place 41-65 (odd) N2 8BD
  • Melbourne Court N10 2NN
  • Millfield Road HA8 0DJ
  • Moreton Close 1-53 NW7 2PH
  • Mountfield 6-15 NW2 2BA
  • Queensland Court 1-6 N10 2NY
  • Rectory Close N3 1TS
  • Rolfe House 11-30 N11 3BD
  • Silk House 5-67 NW9 5EE
  • Silkstream Road HA8 0DA
  • Upper Fosters NW4 2DL
  • Vale Court 1-15 EN5 5EZ

Then you will need to call and arrange an appointment to come into Barnet House and pay for your fob key. The fob keys for these addresses can be programmed instantly and so you will not need to wait for a fob to be ordered. However, you will need to wait for an available appointment to come and collect the keys.