We are committed to helping you to live independently in your home.

If you are a Barnet Homes tenant and are having difficulties getting around your home or using your bathroom, you may be eligible for alterations – or adaptations – to your home.

This will depend on the outcome of an assessment by the Occupational Therapy team.

Types of adaptation:

Minor adaptations – such as grab rails to aid stability inside and outside your home, or door entry systems to make it easier for you to let people in if you cannot reach your front door.

Major adaptations – such as stair lifts, or level-access showers if you cannot use your bath safely even with assistive equipment.

Making an application

To find out how to arrange an assessment of your needs, visit Barnet Council’s Equipment to Help You at Home page.

Or, if you are requesting an assessment for a child up to the age of 18, contact Barnet Council’s Children’s Occupational Therapy Team.

What happens next?

An occupational therapist will arrange a visit to assess your needs and discuss solutions that could help you.

They may offer you advice, or refer you for rehabilitation, or provide equipment to help.

Alternatively, they may suggest adapting your home in some way. They will then make recommendations to Barnet Homes.

You will be asked to give your consent before any work begins, and informed when the work will be carried out.

Once work is completed, the contractor should leave you with instructions for using any new equipment and a contact number for repairs or emergency call outs.

In some cases we may not be able to adapt your home. We will then discuss with you options for moving to more suitable accommodation.