You may also get extra help from us called a ‘discretionary housing payment’ (DHP) if your Housing Benefit doesn’t cover your rent. You can apply if you already receive Housing Benefit or Universal Credit.

Help with heating costs

Check what help you can get with heating and energy costs.

Read about housing and heating costs.

If your benefits stop

Some benefits stop if you go back to work, earn more money or work more hours.

If this happens, you could get an extra 4 weeks of Housing Benefit to help you pay your rent. This is called Extended Payment of Housing Benefit. We will contact you if you are eligible. You must have received certain benefits continuously for at least 26 weeks right up to the time when you went back work.

Once your extended payment ends, you might get ‘in-work Housing Benefit’.

How to apply

You don’t have to claim – we’ll decide if you’re eligible for help and write and let you know.

Discretionary Housing Payment

What it’s for

Discretionary Housing Payments or DHP’s can provide extra money to you or your landlord if you already receive Housing Benefit, but there is a shortfall between the rent you have to pay and the Housing Benefit you receive. They’re usually paid for a few months to help you through a crisis or short-term problem, but can pay for longer periods in exceptional circumstances.

We’ll look at your circumstances to firstly see whether you’re eligible. We’ll then decide on the amount to award you and for how long.

Who can claim

Anyone who is currently claiming Housing Benefit or Universal Credit and requires more help with housing costs as a result of financial hardship.

What’s it not for

You can’t get a DHP for:

  • Council Tax
  • service charges that are not covered by Housing Benefit
  • deductions in Housing Benefit as a result of DWP sanctions
  • situations where Housing Benefit is withheld or suspended

How DHP payments can be used

You may be given a DHP to cover housing costs, such as:

  • a shortfall between rent you have to pay and the Housing Benefit you receive as long as this is not for charges that Housing Benefit cannot pay for
  • rent deposits or rent in advance if you need to move home because you are living in unaffordable accommodation, or are in danger of being evicted from your current home.
  • a reduction in your Housing Benefit due to the recent Welfare Reforms such as the Benefit Cap, the removal of the spare room subsidy in social housing, the restriction on Local Housing Allowance rates

How do I make a claim

You’ll need to complete an application form and then call 020 8610 3538 to arrange an appointment at Burnt Oak Library to apply in person. You can click here to download an application form.

You can also call calling 020 8359 2111 or 020 8359 2442 or email to request a form in the post.