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If you want to apply for housing in Barnet it is important that you read all the information on this page carefully first.

There are very few council and housing association properties available in Barnet and demand for housing far exceeds our supply.

This means that:

  • we can only help people with the most urgent housing need. Most people will not qualify for help with their housing
  • if you have a housing problem our first priority will be to help you stay in your current home
  • we advise most people who approach us for help to look for a property in the private rented sector. If you are on a low income you will need to consider looking for a home in areas outside of Barnet which are more affordable for you

In February 2015 Barnet Council changed how it allocates housing.

This means that if we are able to help you find housing:

  • we will make youonesuitable offer of housing only
  • it is very likely that we will offer you a property in the private rented sector
  • if you cannot afford to live in Barnet anymore, and you do not have a strong need to stay in Barnet, we will offer you a property somewhere more affordable. This will not be in Barnet and in many cases will not be in London.

For more information about how we allocate housing click here.

Who we help

Due to the shortage of affordable housing in Barnet we can only help people with an urgent housing need. For example, this includes people who are:

  • homeless or at risk of becoming homeless
  • living in overcrowded conditions
  • suffering from medical problems being made worse by their housing
  • disabled and living in a home that doesn’t meet their needs

If you do not qualify for help from us with your housing, you will need to think about what other housing options you have. You can find out more about your other housing options by clicking here.

How to make an application for housing

If you believe that you need support with your housing please get in contact with us using the details below.

A Housing Officer will assess your housing problems and give you advice on what options you have to solve them. We will be honest with you about whether we can help you find a home.

There is no application form for you to fill in. If we need more information from you, you may be asked to attend an interview at Barnet House to help us understand your housing problems fully. You will need to provide documents to confirm your identity and current address.

It is important that you tell us as soon as possible if it is likely that you could become homeless.

We will do everything we can to prevent this and will assess your situation, offer advice and explain your options.

How to Contact Us

Contact us if you believe you need support with housing:

Phone: 020 8359 4797

Email: housingadvice@barnethomes.org

Address: Barnet House, 1255 High Road, Whetstone, London N20 0EJ