Making appointments

We do everything possible to keep appointments. Please make sure you are in during the agreed timeslot.

If you cannot make the appointment for any reason, please contact us to cancel or rearrange your appointment.

If you are not at home when the contractor calls, we will call you before leaving a card and cancelling the repair.

If we cannot get into your property more than once following agreed appointments, we may charge you for the cost of these visits.

Preparing for the work

We will tell you in advance if we need you to move any furniture or remove any floor covering, such as carpets or laminate.

It is then your responsibility to do this before the contractor arrives. Please contact us if you are unable to do this and have no one else to move items on your behalf.

You need to make sure that everyone is safe while the repair is being carried out. Keep any pets out of the way and keep an eye on children.

Someone over the age of 16 must be present until the repair is completed, so we can check the work with you before we leave and resolve any concerns you may have.

In bad weather conditions we will always make things safe but may not be able to carry out a full repair. This is for the safety of our operatives.

All our staff and contractors are expected to be considerate and respectful towards you. We expect you and members of your household to behave in a similar way towards them.

If things go wrong

Missed appointments

If our contractors miss an appointment without a good reason and without letting you know, you may be entitled to £10 compensation. You can contact us if that is the case.

If you are not satisfied

We do our best to get things right first time, but sometimes things can go wrong.

Please contact us if you are not satisfied so we can do better next time. Your complaint will be recorded and investigated, and we will do all we can to sort it out.

Find out more about how we handle complaints.