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Our Housing Options service helps households who meet certain criteria as specified by homelessness legislation and Barnet Council’s Housing Allocations Scheme. One of the key factors in deciding whether we can help you will be your immigration status in the UK. We help households who are more vulnerable than others because of particular circumstances that include the following: having dependent children within the household, having particular mental health or physical health needs, being an older person. These groups are prioritised for assistance by homelessness legislation.  If you are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless but do not have circumstances that mean you will be prioritised, we will give you advice about what to do, including information about other organisations that may help you.  You can find out more about your other housing options by clicking here.

Due to the shortage of affordable housing, we only help households who have an identified ‘housing need’.  This means that households are either homeless or at risk of becoming homeless. They are unable to stay in their current home due to reasons that include:

  • living in overcrowded conditions
  • living in accommodation that is no longer affordable
  • being at risk of violence such as domestic violence
  • suffering from medical problems being made worse by their housing
  • disabled and living in a home that does not meet their needs