The Homelessness Reduction Act increases the requirements for Barnet Council to help all eligible applicants – rather than just those with a ‘priority need’.

Under the new Act, Barnet Council can help you if you are:

  1. Eligible for assistance (according to your immigration status in the UK) and
  2. Homeless or at risk of homelessness within 56 days. You may be homeless if you are:
  • asked to leave your current home
  • living in overcrowded conditions
  • living in accommodation that is no longer affordable
  • being at risk of violence such as domestic violence or abuse
  • suffering from medical problems being made worse by your housing
  • disabled and living in a home that does not meet your needs

Particular homelessness situations

For more information

  • Click here to read the new legislation
  • Click here to read the government’s Code of Guidance about the new law