Personal-use EV charging points

Barnet Homes has begun to receive enquiries from residents who want to install a personal-use electric vehicle (EV) charging point outside of their home. The Council is currently developing its plan for EV charging points across the borough. Until the Council’s plan is developed, Barnet Homes will process requests for personal-use EV charging points according to the guidance below:

Requests that will not be approved

  1. a) For a flat: Barnet Homes will not approve the installation of personal-use EV charging points for flats, because of health and safety and liability issues. However, we will align with the Council’s plan once it has been developed.
  2. b) For a house with a shared driveway: Barnet Homes will not approve requests if the house has a shared driveway.

Requests that can be approved (for tenants and leaseholders)

  1. c) For a house with a demised driveway: if the resident has a house with its own allocated driveway and they wish to arrange for a personal-use EV charger to be fitted themselves, then Barnet Homes can approve this request under the following circumstances: 
  1. Before installing the charging point, the resident must receive written permission from Barnet Homes to do so. Contact to request an application pack. The pack must be completed in full.
  2. Residents can only connect a ‘slow charger’ to their own electrical supply, rated at a maximum of 3-7kw, 230V, single-phase.
  3. The cable from the charging point to the vehicle cannot cross a pavement where it could present a trip hazard.
  4. The charging point must not affect the safety or structural integrity of the building.
  5. The contractor installing the charger for the customer must be registered with the government’s ‘Electric Vehicle Home-Charge Scheme’.
  6. Checks must be carried out by the contractor to ensure the additional electrical load can be accommodated.
  7. The resident must show that they own an electric vehicle.

Note: residents will need to arrange the installation themselves – after obtaining written permission from Barnet Homes.

Shared use EV charging points

Barnet Council is installing on-street electric vehicle charging points across the borough. The Council has received funding to install 500 on-street vehicle charging points on 34 of Barnet’s residential streets by November 2022.

Click here for:

  • Guidance on how to request that the Council installs a shared use charging point on your road.
  • Details of charging points across the borough.

To contact Barnet Council about electric vehicle charging in Barnet, you can email: