Performance Advisory Group (PAG)

PAG consists of 12 tenants/leaseholders that meet every six weeks to monitor, scrutinise and carry out service reviews on different areas of our business. If you are interested in being involved at a strategic level in housing this is a great opportunity.

Members are supported with on-going training, their personal development through 1:1 support, attending away days and networking events. This is a higher level of involvement which will require a greater level of commitment and includes an application and informal interview process.

Resident Board Director

This is a strategic level of involvement and requires a lot of commitment.  We have three spaces for residents to be on our Board and also include an application and interview. The natural transition to becoming a Board member is through serving a term on our Performance Advisory Group (PAG)

Resident Support Group

This is a second tier group of residents who feed into and support our Performance Advisory Group (PAG). The level of commitment is not as high as being a PAG member, so it may be of interest if you only have a limited amount of time. This opportunity also provides a good grounding to become a future PAG member. If you would like to join this group, please fill in an application form by clicking here.

Service Champion

This is a great opportunity for Individual tenants and leaseholders with an interest in a specific area of our services, such as repairs, gas, call centre, leaseholder services, and housing management. As a Service Champion you will be invited to strategic meetings that have the customer’s best interest at heart, contract monitoring meetings and taking part in service reviews

Key Leaseholder Scheme

This is a dedicated opportunity for Leaseholders to be involved in reviewing our services and reporting back on the communal repairs in their block, street or estate. You will have the opportunity to be involved in monitoring our service standards for leaseholders and also have an opportunity to be involved in appointing new contractors

Contractor Selection

If you have an interest in how we appoint contractors to deliver services on our behalf, this opportunity might just be for you. Customers are called upon when we are looking at tenders for a new service contract or renewing an existing contract. Training for this role is provided.

Focus Groups

Registering to be on this group will provide an opportunity to be invited to help us shape or improve an existing or new service. Customers are selected at random to debate a certain topic or service and give their views. These are often required when we are reviewing a service and considering making changes. There may also be a financial incentive in attending some of these groups.

Estate Inspections

Residents are invited to join their local Housing Officer and our contractors on inspections of our estates. This is an opportunity to be involved in ensuring local issues, including repairs and improvements are brought to our attention. You will play an important role in monitoring how we meet our standards of service. Click here to view our current inspection schedule.

Resident Association

A Residents Associations is a group of local residents/leaseholders who represent the interests of everyone living in one of our homes, particular area or building managed by Barnet Homes. We provide training and support in setting up new and existing groups, including providing annual grants to registered associations

Community Group

A Community Group consist of like-minded people in a local area and can include a number of different organisations such as the police, schools, faith based organisations and local business that share the same interest in improving the area and bringing new services and opportunities into the community

Gardening Club

Our gardening clubs are open to all residents who do not have a private garden. An individual or a group of residents take ownership of an area in their communal garden and cultivate it. To support clubs we provide gardening vouchers towards equipment or plants, host monthly coffee mornings. We also have a regularly updated online blog with advice and residents stories. Clubs can also nominate their area into our annual finest flower competition.