The demand for affordable housing in Barnet is much greater than the number of homes available. We use Barnet Council’s Housing Allocations Scheme to make sure that people with the greatest housing need are given help first.

Priority is also given to people who make a community contribution and to people who have a residential connection to Barnet.

The Housing Allocations Scheme uses a banding system to decide who needs housing the most. Band 1 is for people with the greatest priority and Band 4 is for people with the lowest priority. If you are placed in a higher band you will usually be housed quicker than if you are placed in a lower band.

Band Who is this for
1 For people who need a home urgently. For example, somebody who cannot remain in their current home because of a life-threatening condition, or is fleeing domestic abuse and meets the residential connection criteria.
2 For people who have a high housing need and also make a ‘community contribution’. There are some exemptions for people who are unable to make a ‘community contribution’ and these people may still be placed in Band 2.
3 For people who have a high housing need but do not make a ‘community contribution’.
4 People who need housing but who are assessed as lower priority.


Types of housing that we allocate

Before we make you an offer of housing we will discuss your circumstances with you carefully to make sure that we help you find a home that meets your needs.

We will offer properties in the council, housing association and private rented sectors.

There is very little council and housing association housing in Barnet. These homes will usually only be given to people who have the greatest housing need and who also make a contribution to their community. If you are offered council or housing association tenancies, we will reassess your circumstances at the point of offer. This can mean that your housing band changes, for example if you are no longer meeting the community contribution criteria your band will change from 2 to 3 which may mean you can no longer be offered that property. This helps make sure that social housing goes to those who need it and that the property offered meets the needs of the household.

Due to the lack of social housing in Barnet, we also offer people homes in the private rented sector. If you cannot afford to live in Barnet anymore and you do not have a strong need to stay in Barnet it is likely we will offer you a property which is not in Barnet and may not be in London.

Through our Let2Barnet scheme we encourage everyone who asks for our assistance to us to look for their own property. If you cannot afford to live in Barnet anymore we will help you look for a home somewhere more affordable for you. This may be an area where you already have family or community links.

More details are also available in the Housing Allocations Scheme.

Important note: Due to the current shortage of housing, if you apply to us and are placed in Bands 3 or 4, it is likely that you will have to wait a long time before we can find you a home. It is also likely that you will only be offered a home in the private rented sector and if appropriate, this property may not be in Barnet. People who are placed in Band 3 or 4 are strongly advised to look for their own property in the private sector. They can access our Let2Barnet scheme to help them do so.