We have a duty to keep the structure of council homes in good repair.

But tenants are expected to carry out some minor repairs themselves.

Repairs that are Barnet Homes’ responsibility

We are responsible for maintaining:

a) the structure and exteriors of properties, including:

  • drains, gutters and pipes outside
  • footpaths and steps to properties
  • roofs and chimneys (though not sweeping chimneys)
  • outside walls, outside doors, windows sills and frames
  • the internal structure (such as walls and stairs
  • decorating the outside of the building.

b) fittings, including:

  • fittings in your home which supply water, gas, electricity and sanitation, including sinks, basins, baths and toilets
  • fittings for water and heating that we supply.

c) shared areas, including

  • entrances
  • halls
  • stairways
  • lifts
  • rubbish chutes and bins (including recycling bins)
  • shared TV aerials
  • electric lighting.

Please take care of your home and report any significant faults to us as soon as possible.

Repairs that tenants are expected to carry out

As a tenant, you are responsible for:

  • internal decorations, minor cracks and small holes
  • clearing blocked sinks or gullies
  • internal doors, frames and skirting boards
  • fencing and gates, unless they bound a public walkway or highway
  • external door locks
  • replacing toilet seats and sink chains
  • floor tiles and fireplace surrounds
  • fuses, resetting circuit breakers, fluorescent tubes and light bulbs
  • hooks, curtain poles and pelmets, shelves and fittings
  • draught excluders
  • window glass broken deliberately, or as a result of negligence
  • adjustments to doors after fitting new carpets
  • fitting your own electrical appliances, such as cookers
  • washing machine connections
  • any faults with your electrical appliances
  • wooden garden sheds
  • any improvements or alterations you have made to the property.