If there is a dispute between two neighbours, the level of involvement by Barnet Homes will vary on a case by case basis.

If your neighbour is disturbing you, but you feel you cannot talk to them directly, please use one of our dear neighbour cards.

Barnet Homes do not get involved in neighbour disputes where a term of the tenancy agreement has not been violated. If the dispute is of a personal nature, the neighbours should be encouraged to resolve the issue between themselves.

If there has been a violation of the tenancy agreement that you think could be ASB, please report it to 020 8080 6587 or online here. An ASB triage will be carried out by the Customer Contact Team. If it is identified as ASB, the case can be referred to an Anti-Social behaviour officer who will decide on a solution, whether it is opening an ASB case or giving you advice on how to remedy the situation.

If a crime has been committed (for example: physical and/or verbal abuse, hate crimes, vandalism to the other property) then you should contact the police immediately.

You will be given a reference number. Once you have reported the crime to the police, you should then report the incident to Barnet Homes and tell us the reference number reference number for our records.

Crimes should also be reported to the police. If you feel immediately threatened you should dial 999. Crimes can also be reported in non-emergencies either by phoning 101 or by reporting it to your Safer Neighbourhood Team online: https://www.met.police.uk/