Aruna Bhatt – Chair

I have been a resident Leaseholder in Barnet for more than 28 years. I have a management and training background and have also been a volunteer advisor. I have been involved as a volunteer member and then as Vice Chair of the Performance Advisory Group (PAG) for Barnet Homes, and I’m now Chair of the Resident Board.

My involvement has a big impact on decision making on how to improve the service performances and surroundings of Barnet residents to increase overall customer satisfaction.

As chair of the Resident Board I want to see changes in customer engagement for all residents and services to be improved. I am passionate about making a difference in the community, providing quality conditions to achieve good standards and sustainability and safer surroundings to live in. I believe this is crucial in shaping the future of Barnet.

Jennyfer Gentle

I have lived in the Borough of Barnet as a Barnet Homes tenant for several years now and seen many services changes; some for the better and some that could be better. I feel privileged to have been chosen to serve Barnet Homes as a Resident Board member and will endeavour do my best to assist in raising customers services satisfaction facilitated through the Board.

I am most passionate about the development of social housing management and as a Barnet Homes tenant I believe there is always room for improvement and progress is what helps to make a difference.

I am a strong advocate for providing a quality customer centered service, which I understand is a main Barnet Homes value. Therefore, I am excited with the opportunity to be involved in the process of monitoring the diverse aspects of housing management- I aim to be constructive, critical and an ally for Barnet Homes within the given forum.

Additionally, I recognise that Covid-19 has impacted on everyone and everything, even more reason that we pull together to ensure community engagement is fundamental for Barnet Homes to continue to thrive and strive for better.

Zac Gonis

I have been a resident of Barnet Homes for sixteen years. In that time I began to engage in communication with Barnet Homes attended PAG meetings and now sit on the resident board.

As well as my involvement with Barnet Homes I volunteer for a Charity run by the NHS in Edgware. I enjoy working with the team on the resident board and certainly take it as a learning curve.

Linda Graham

I have lived in the Borough of Barnet since I moved here in 1976. I have attended local schools. I joined the Civil Service when I left school and recently took early retirement. I have a son and two gorgeous granddaughters. 

I enjoy doing the relatively new form of exercise called ((Bounce)) which is done on a mini trampoline. I also enjoy dog walking and reading. I thoroughly enjoying being part of Barnet Residents Board. 

Tatiana Jose

My name is Tatiana, and I am so excited to be part of this new team. I look forward to learning with the Barnet homes Resident Board on how to best contribute to my local community. In my spare time, I enjoy helping people and investing in self-improvement activities so that I can spread joy and positivity.

Jade Lam

Jade has lived in the London Borough of Barnet for over 20 years. She attended primary school, secondary school, and college in the area and also experienced her first taste of the working world locally. After buying her first home in Barnet with her husband, Jade is more invested than ever in how the Borough is run which has led her to the Resident Board. She plans to understand more about Barnet Homes’ systems and processes to encourage a better way of working with the local community. Jade will examine the actions and decisions taken by Barnet Homes with a view to work together to improve outcomes for Residents.

Jade is both an Irish and Hong Kong national, bringing a wealth of diversity to the Resident Board. Although the largest ethnic category in Barnet is “White British” (see the Joint Strategic Needs Assessment here), our population is projected to become increasingly diverse in the coming years. Jade is motivated to represent minority groups and encourage Barnet Homes to meet the diverse needs of these growing communities.

In her day job as a Project Director in the field of Medical Communications, Jade strives for impeccable customer service meeting client demands on brief, on budget, and on time. She holds a BSc in Biology with Psychology and an MSc in Neuroscience which have armed her with strong analytical and critical thinking skills that she uses daily.

Angela Shine

I have lived in Barnet nearly all my life, over which time I’ve seen many changes. I was, for several years, both Secretary and Chair of my local Residents’ Association, so have had to liaise with both tenants, leaseholders and Barnet Homes.

Now that I am a member of the Resident Board, I hope that the past experiences will help me enhance the work between Barnet Homes and its residents and make any future changes a good way forward for all concerned.