Condensation is the water produced when moist air, vapour or steam comes into contact with a cold surface, such as windows, walls and floors and places with little air moving around. You can see it on bathroom mirrors when you bathe or shower.

It can cause mould to grow on walls and ceilings which can damage clothes, bedding and floor coverings.

Tenants’ responsibility

Condensation can become an issue when it causes damp and mould. It is the tenant’s responsibility to ensure that condensation is managed and does not lead to damp problems.

Download our codensation leaflet for tips on how to prevent and treat damp issues caused by condensation.

Barnet Homes’ responsibility

If you are doing everything that you can to reduce condensation but still find that you are having issues related to damp and mould, then the issue may be something beyond your control – such as a fault in a property e.g. leaky roof, burst pipe or faulty damp-proof coursing.

If you think your home is damp and the cause is not condensation, please email our Customer Contact Team at or call us at 020 8080 6587 to arrange an inspection. If condensation is the cause, it may be your responsibility to address it, but we’ll discuss this during the visit.