We are not able to help everyone with their housing problems.

If we can help you, our first priority will be to help you stay in your current home.

If we are unable to keep you in your current home it is very likely that we will offer you a property in the private rented sector as there is little social housing (Council or housing association homes) available.

Private sector housing in Barnet is expensive. If you are unable to afford to live in Barnet anymore and you do not have a strong need to stay here, it is very likely that we will offer you a property which is not in Barnet. You may only be offered a property which is outside of London.

There is very little council and housing association housing in Barnet. These homes will usually only be given to people who have the greatest housing need, those with five years residence and who also make a contribution to their community.

Tenancies provided by Barnet Homes are usually between two and five years long. All Barnet Homes tenancies begin with a one year ‘introductory’ tenancy.

If we assist you with looking for a new home we will only offer you one suitable property. If you decline our offer and the property was suitable for you, in some circumstances we will close your case and end our assistance. You will then have to make your own housing arrangements.

Looking for a home in the private rented sector yourself can be the quickest way of finding more settled accommodation. It also offers you more choice regarding location.