The control of pests is an important part of creating a healthier place to live. Pests are insects and rodents that invade our homes and can pose a risk to health. Tenants should keep their homes clean and in a way which would not encourage pests to infest their homes.

 If you are a tenant then we will deal with certain pests classified by environmental health as being a statutory nuisance. This includes mice, rats, cockroaches and pharaoh ants. However our responsibilities do not usually cover wasps, bees, garden ants, or moths.

Click here to contact us to report a pest problem.

We will not take action in instances where it is not our responsibility, which are as follows:

  • If the pest infestation is outside, such as in a garden or street.
  • If you are a leaseholder or shared owner.

Please note that we will not treat bees’ nests, unless it is in an inaccessible place or there is a serious health and safety concern. However, the British Beekeepers Association may be able to assist. To contact them go to

If you are a tenant and have a problem with pests that we are not responsible for dealing with, you can arrange pest control yourself by contacting Barnet Pest Control Services Barnet pest control services | Barnet Council