Barnet Homes will not repair any fences that do not border a public highway. It is therefore your own responsibility to repair fences that separate your garden from your neighbours garden.

If you are elderly and vulnerable and do not have any next of kin who can help you with this repair, your Neighbourhood Housing Officer can put a business case forward to the Housing Manager for consideration. Please contact us for more information.

Which fence is mine?

Barnet Homes properties are not land registered, and so we do not have records of which fence belongs to which property.

If your neighbour is a leaseholder or a freeholder, you can ask them to show you their Deeds which will outline if the fence bordering their property belongs to them. If it does not, you can assume it belongs to you.

If the fence is between your property and another council tenant, you can discuss this with your neighbour and make a decision as to who will repair the fence. You are not legally obligated to put up a fence.

For more detailed information on fences and boundaries, please visit http://www.boundary-problems.co.uk/boundary-problems/


Tenants are responsible for maintaining their gardens. If a customer complains about their neighbours overgrown garden, this can be referred to the Neighbourhood Housing Officer to talk to the tenant about maintaining their garden as this is a requirement of their tenancy agreement.

There are some services for elderly, vulnerable or disabled residents who are unable to manage their garden themselves. Elderly, vulnerable or disabled residents should make contact with their Neighbourhood Housing Officer to let them know they require assistance with their gardens. The Housing Officer will then make referrals to the relevant organisations, depending on the situation.



As per the standard Barnet Homes tenancy agreement, you are responsible for trees in your garden, making sure they are kept at a reasonable height and size. You must not plant or remove any trees in your garden without first obtaining permission from Barnet Homes. Trees that are situated within a communal area, such as a green or a parkway, are maintained on a cyclic programme of works.

Barnet Homes will only carry out works on trees that are considered dead, dying or dangerous. This does NOT include trees that are:

  • Blocking light to your property
  • Blocking television signals
  • Overgrown/in need of a crown reduction
  • Dropping leaves into your garden or surrounding areas

If you believe a tree is already dead, dying or is posing a danger to you, your property or surrounding properties then you should report it to Barnet Homes. Trees that would fall under this category include:

  • Fallen trees
  • Trees with large branches that have snapped off or may snap off
  • Trees on a public highway that are overgrown and blocking the streetlights/traffic lights
  • Trees that are overgrown and are touching property or electric wires

How to report

If the tree is dead, dying or dangerous you must contact Barnet Homes and provide details of the location of the tree and the issue. If the tree is damaging a structure (such as a house or driveway), you should also include photos of the structural damage. You should send photos of the tree alongside your report to Talk2Us@barnethomes.org. This will greatly speed up the process of Barnet Homes resolving the issue.

You will receive a response from us confirming that we have received your report.

You can also fill in this form:

Tree query

  • Please be as specific as possible, and provide a full address.
  • Drop files here or


Once Barnet Homes has received your report, the inspecting officer will decide if works need to be carried out. If it is decided that works are required, it will be passed on to a separate contractor to carry out the works. From this point it can take up to 90 working days for the works to be carried out. For dangerous trees, the process can take up to 14 days but we will endeavour to have these works completed as quickly as possible.

You will receive a response from Barnet Homes confirming whether the works will be carried out or not, and an explanation will be provided if the works are not required.