Grounds maintenance teams work on estates across Barnet. The estates currently served by these teams is:

Ballantrae House, Finchley
Basing Way, Finchley
Beecham Court, Muswell Hill
Burnt Oak Boradway, Edgware
Chilvins Court, Finchley
Copwood Close, Barnet
Crispin Lodge, Barnet
Durrisdeer House, Finchley
Eversleigh Court & Grosvenor Court, Finchley
Fosters Estate, Hendon
Granville Road, Finchley
Hermitage Court, Finchley
Holden Road / FourAcres, Barnet
Homesteads, Whetstone
Linden Road, Southgate
Lodge Mead Court, Finchley
Longberrys, Finchley
Martins Walk/ Coppetts Close, Muswell Hill
Mayhill, Barnet
Mount Pleasant, Barnet
Northway Court, Edgware
Octavia Court, Finchley
Phillipson House, Finchley
Pineridge, Barnet
Quinta Drive, Barnet
Redhill Court, Edgware
Ryecroft Crescent, Barnet
Sapara Close, Muswell Hill
Sheldon Court, Barnet
Upper Alexandra Road, Muswell Hill
Whitefield Estate, Finchley
The Woodlands, Finchley

The following work will be carried out by the Grounds Maintenace team:

  • Grass Cutting – Mid March till October, site visits every 2-3 weeks. Weather Dependent. Grass cuttings on pathways will be blown off. Grass cuttings will not be collected and removed.
  • Edging/Definition – Grass edge will be cut at the same time as mowing, clippings will not be removed. Grass Edges between hard surfaces and lawn will be redefined bi-annually during winter months.
  • Shrub Pruning – Cut twice a year, 1st cut between June and August and 2nd Cut September/October.
  • Beds – Pruning, weed control and cultivation as and when necessary. Access way, pathways, windows, vents, signs and highway are always to be kept clear.
  • Weed Control – provide when necessary or upon request.