Always ask any callers for their official company ID badge. If they don’t have a badge, don’t let them in.

They will understand if they are who they say they are.

Barnet Homes password scheme

You can stop bogus callers claiming to work for Barnet Homes by joining our password scheme.

It means anyone genuinely visiting you on behalf of Barnet Homes will be able to repeat your chosen password or phrase when asked by you, so you know the caller is who they say they are.

Contact us to set up your personal password.

Choose a word or phrase you are unlikely to forget, but which is not obvious like a pet’s name.

This will not be recorded on any paperwork containing your name and address, so it will remain safe.

We will confirm the password is active by letter. From then on you should not let in visitors claiming to be working for Barnet Homes unless they can provide your secret password.

You may also want to change your password from time to time for added protection.