Sheltered housing and designated elderly schemes

We manage a number of sheltered housing and designated elderly schemes for tenants aged 60 and over. There are some exceptions where we will allow younger people to move through these schemes.

Both schemes give you extra support and protection, including our 24-hour pull cord Assist alarm system, to help you continue to lead an independent life. The schemes also provide opportunities for social activities and friendship.

To find out more, please contact the Voids & Lettings team on 0208 359 4785.

Seaside and Country Homes

The Seaside and Country Homes Scheme helps Council and Housing Association tenants to move out of London.

There are one and two bedroom properties available in areas across the country, including in Lincolnshire, Devon, Cornwall and Essex. The scheme also helps households to find properties in rural areas.

You may qualify for the scheme if you are:

  • A single person aged 60 or over. Or,
  • A two-person household where at least one of you is over 60. Any members of the household who are aged under 60 must either be the partner, joint tenant or registered carer of the lead applicant.

For more information:

  • To find out more about Seaside and Country Homes, contact us on 020 8359 4695. Or,
  • Click here for the Seaside and Country Homes website.
  • If you are making a joint application the lead applicant must be at least 55 years of age and must be a current tenant of the property on the application.
  • If you intend to add a household member under the age of 55, they must be either your partner or spouse, current joint tenant, registered carer or dependent adult child.  Second applicants aged under 55 are not able to become joint tenants of, or have succession rights to, Seaside and Country Homes properties.
  • We can consider three person households where two members are a couple, and the third person is a carer or *dependant adult child (see below* Please contact us if you are unsure of your eligibility.
  • Applicants should have no rent arrears or history of anti-social behaviour and should not be going through possession proceedings or being evicted.

*A dependant adult child is someone who is unable to sustain their own tenancy and needs substantial support. Applicants will be asked to provide evidence of this from their GP, other medical professional, or support worker.

*Evidence will also be required for those applicants on the application form who are listed as a carer.