All tenants must seek written permission from Barnet Homes before making any alterations to their home.

If you wish to install a satellite dish, please download and return our satellite permission form.

We will only refuse permission for alterations if there is a good reason. However, some alterations may require planning permission and building regulations approval.

If you start without permission, we can charge you for any repairs or ask you to put your home back to its original condition.

Types of alteration

You must ask before you:

  • demolish walls or rearrange the layout
  • decorate outside
  • change sinks, baths or kitchen units
  • install wood/laminate flooring – click here to download an application form to change your flooring.
  • change or remove doors
  • replumb your home
  • install central heating
  • change the type of heating
  • lay a driveway or a cross-over (please note, cross-overs will need to be referred to Barnet Council before asking Barnet Homes for permission)
  • put up a radio or television aerial or a satellite dish
  • put up closed-circuit television (CCTV) camera and monitor
  • put up fences or walls to front gardens on open-plan estates
  • lay decking
  • lay a patio
  • build a conservatory.

Please note that this list is not exhaustive and if in doubt you seek permission first by contacting us.

If you want to buy your home, your improvements will not be included in the valuation price.

If you move, you can apply for compensation. More information is available on our Moving Out page.

If you need to use a skip, please complete our skip permission form.