Permission to make alterations

All tenants must seek written permission from Barnet Homes before making any significant alterations to their home. Please note that:

  • We will only refuse permission for alterations if there is a good reason. However, some alterations may require planning permission and building regulations approval.
  • If you start without permission, we can charge you for any repairs or ask you to put your home back to its original condition.

Before making an alteration…

  1. See below for the alterations that we may permit, and those that we cannot permit.
  2. To ask for permission, before making an alteration you must complete this form and return it to

 Which alterations may be permitted?

You must ask before you:

  • Remove cylinders or water tanks (if you live in a house)
  • Start an electrical upgrade
  • Start a bathroom upgrade
  • Start a kitchen upgrade
  • Start a boiler upgrade
  • Renew a fence
  • Change a wall unit
  • Change an appliance in your bathroom
  • Convert a bath into a shower
  • Convert a shower into a bath
  • Change any internal door or window
  • Change a kitchen cupboard door
  • Install a water meter
  • Install a shed
  • Install a satellite dish (see the section below, titled: ‘Satellite dishes’)
  • Install laminate flooring (see the section below, titled: ‘Wood, laminate or ceramic flooring’)
  • Install a gazebo
  • Lay a driveway, a cross-over or a dropped curb (please note, cross-overs will need to be referred to Barnet Homes and once this permission is granted, residents will then need to speak to Barnet Council. The only exception to this is if there is street furniture [for example a bollard or a lamp post]. Residents will need to contact Barnet Council first in this instance, as the Council are responsible for removing this furniture.

This list is not exhaustive and if in doubt, please contact us.

Which alterations are not permitted?

Type of alteration Why it is not permitted
Structural changes to the property, or:

  • Creation of a downstairs toilet
  • Removal of an internal/ structural wall
  • Conservatory installation
  • Extensions
  • Installation of solar panels
  • Porch
  • Loft conversions
  • Lean-to Skylights
Barnet Homes does not allow changes to the fabric of the building.
External socket installation Barnet Homes does not allow alterations to existing electrics due to the risks involved with these alterations.
Cat flaps, and changes to fire doors Barnet Homes does not allow changes to the fabric of the building, whether a house or a flat.

Additionally, if you live in a flat your property will have a certified fire door. Any alterations to your fire door would make the fire rating invalid. Barnet Homes can charge the cost of the door back to tenants, which would be in the region of £1,500 per door.

Removal of cylinders or water tanks (if you live in a flat) Removal of cylinders or water tanks can cause issues for adjoining flats as the cylinder forms a part of the hot water supply and heating system for all flats.

When is permission not needed?

You do not need to ask Barnet Homes for permission to:

  • Carry out your own decoration
  • Change your own carpets.

Satellite dishes

If you wish to install a satellite dish, please download and complete this satellite permission form and return it to:

Satellite dish requests may be refused if there is a communal aerial on site already, or if you live in a building which is currently in the defects period.

Wood, laminate or ceramic flooring

You must have the permission of Barnet Homes before laying laminate, wooden or ceramic flooring.

  • For flats: wooden, laminate or ceramic flooring is not permitted for floors that are above the ground floor because of the noise nuisance it can cause for neighbours. You may have to pay for the cost of removing such flooring if you do not have our permission first.
  • For houses: wooden, laminate or ceramic flooring may be permitted for floors that are above the ground floor.

If you wish to lay laminate flooring, please download, complete and return this permission form to before starting any work. Please note if you live in a flat above the ground floor permission will be denied.

Buying your home, or moving home

If you want to buy your home, your improvements will not be included in the valuation price.

If alterations are carried out without permission from Barnet Homes and you apply for a mutual exchange, this may cause delays to the mutual exchange process. This is because these works may not be to Barnet Homes’ specification.

If you move, you can apply for compensation. More information is available on our Moving Out page.