Mutual Exchange

The Mutual Exchange Scheme helps secure council tenants to swap homes with council or housing association tenants anywhere in the UK.

Who can use the scheme?

To be eligible for the scheme, you must be a secure or flexible (non-introductory) council tenant – or an assured housing association tenant – and you must:

  • have a clear rent account (no arrears)
  • have not broken your tenancy conditions
  • have no anti-social behaviour issues
  • not give or accept money in order to exchange
  • supply full, correct information and not make false statements
  • allow access to your home for contractors to carry out surveys. If these surveys result in work needing to be completed, further co-operation will be needed to allow these works to be done.

If you wish to exchange your home, please contact the Voids & Lettings team on 020 8080 6587.

Receive money when you exchange

If you exchange to a smaller property within the Borough of Barnet, you may qualify for a cash grant of up to £4,000 under our Fresh Start Scheme. To find out if you could receive a Fresh Start payment, contact the Voids & Lettings team on 020 8080 6587.

How do I exchange?

  1. Register on HomeSwapper. We will then confirm whether you are eligible to exchange your property.
  2. Use the websites to find a Mutual Exchange partner.
  3. Fill out, sign and return our Mutual Exchange form. All parties in the swap will need to complete an exchange form each. Until we receive all forms we will not be able to start the exchange. Once you have completed the forms, please return them to:
    Barnet Homes Voids & Lettings Team
    3rd Floor, 2 Bristol Avenue
    NW9 4EW
  4. Barnet Homes now has 42 days to make a decision on whether your exchange can take place. We will carry out the necessary checks, which includes sending our contractors will visit your property.

For more information, call the Voids & Lettings team on 020 8080 6587.

How do I find a Mutual Exchange partner?

We currently allow Barnet Homes tenants to register for free on Homeswapper where tenants can advertise their properties as well as look for properties across the UK to exchange with.

Click here to visit HomeSwapper and register online for free

Important information:

  • You can only move home once signed permission has been granted by Barnet Homes.
  • You must also receive written permission from both landlords before you move.
  • We strongly advise you not to arrange for a removal service before Barnet Homes has clarified your exchange date in writing.
  • Any rent arrears must be cleared in full before we will allow the exchange to go ahead.
  • Our Housing Management Team can provide advice and guidance to tenants. This includes help with completing forms and accessing Homeswapper.

We may refuse permission for a mutual exchange if:

  • we have a court order against you to repossess your home or have served notice on you
  • your property is substantially larger than the proposed tenant needs
  • your property would become overcrowded
  • your property is adapted for someone with a special need that the proposed tenant does not have

How long will the process take?

Barnet Homes has 42 days to make a decision about whether an exchange can take place. Our 42 days begins once all parties have completed and returned a Mutual Exchange Form. Please note that this does not mean that you will move within 42 days.

For more information…

Click here for more information on mutual exchanges, provided by the housing law charity Shelter.