Taking equality and diversity seriously is central to living our vision. It will improve the service we provide while ensuring we make the best use of resources, targeting them where they are needed to make a positive difference to the individuals and communities we serve.

Equality and Diversity of Barnet Homes customers

Barnet Homes manages 15,000 council homes including 4,000 leasehold properties as well as 2,000 units of temporary accommodation. For example statistics from March 2014 show that Barnet Homes tenants are:

  • two thirds female
  • one third 60 years old or older
  • one third have disclosed a disability

The charity Stonewall which promotes equality for the lesbian and gay community estimates that around six per cent of the world’s population are lesbian, gay or bisexual this would equate to about 900 of our residents.

Our customers:

  • have more than 25 different languages as their first language
  • describe themselves by many different religions and belief systems
  • live in households composed of single adults, couples and families of varying size.