All tenants must seek written permission from Barnet Homes before making any alterations to their home.

If you wish to install a satellite dish, please download and return our satellite permission form.

We will only refuse permission for alterations if there is a good reason. However, some alterations may require planning permission and building regulations approval.

If you start without permission, we can charge you for any repairs or ask you to put your home back to its original condition.

We would be grateful if you could supply as much information as possible about your request, as this will help us in reaching a quicker decision. Requests are usually responded to within ten working days from Barnet Homes receiving the permission request form. If your request is granted then the permission will based on the following the conditions below and you will be required to sign a letter of acceptance:

  • You must locate the satellite dish where identified on your permission request 
  • No satellite dish may be fixed to a flat roof, parapet wall or above an entrance, walkway or any area which has public access beneath it.
  • The dish must not exceed 800mm in diameter.
  • If you live in a block of flats the dish should not be erected in the front of your block and must never be attached to blocks, which have a cladding exterior.
  • Any damage sustained to the council property as a result of any work carried out will be your responsibility, and you will be recharged for any resulting repairs accordingly.