Caretaking Service Commitments

What our Caretakers do

What our Caretakers don’t do

Every 2-3 weeks we will:

  • Carry out visual checks on communal areas to make sure there are no health and safety issues, including trip hazards, broken windows and doors
  • Report any communal repairs
  • Check and clean the communal bin area and remove any excess rubbish
  • Check the security and door entry system is working if your block has one
  • Sweep and mop all internal entrances, corridors, staircases and lifts
  • Clean windowsills, banisters and railings
  • Clean walls as required e.g. remove any dirt or scuffs
  • Clear graffiti where possible or report it for removal. If graffiti is offensive it will be removed within 24 hours
  • Check communal lights work and clean them as required
  • Litter pick all communal areas
  • Sweep or clean kerbs and hard surfaces in external areas e.g. communal patios or drying areas
  • Clean communal windows where these are accessible

On a seasonal basis when required we will:

  • Clear leaves and dead weeds, depending on weather conditions
  • Salt access pathways to blocks in severe frost and snow
  • Give access to electrical cupboards for broadband or meter readings or access to roofs to check aerials or satellite dishes. (The company that has requested access should have their own keys for access).
  • Arrange removal of abandoned vehicles. Click here for information on the abandoned vehicles services provided by Barnet Council
  • Caretakers do not deal with signage enquires which include putting up signs such as no smoking or no fly tipping, or deal with complaints regarding a breach of signs already up. Please contact our Customer Contact Team at if you have signage enquiries.


The regularity of the above tasks may vary at times due to cover arrangements, emergencies or other seasonal/service demands.

Rubbish and Recycling Collection

This service is managed and delivered by the London Borough of Barnet’s Street Scene department.

Useful Links:

If your block is cleaned by the caretaker service, you will be able to see its frequency here. 

Estate/Block Frequency
Acrefield House 2 weekly
Albatross                  Weekly
Alder Court Estate 2 Weekly
Alexandra Road 2 weekly
Amberden Avenue Estate 2 Weekly
Anderson Court 2 Weekly 
Anson    Monthly
Arundel Court Estate 2 Weekly
Ashmore Court Estate 2 Weekly
Ashton   Monthly
Ashwood House 2 weekly
Audax    Monthly
Balfour Grove Quarterly
Ballentra House 2 weekly
Bamford Court Estate Quarterly
Baring Court Estate 2 Weekly
Barnet Way Weekly
Basing Way Estate 2 Weekly
Battle   Monthly
Beacham Court monthly
Beatty   Monthly
Bell Court 2 weekly
Belle Vue 2 weekly
Berwick House 2 weekly
Betstyle House  2 weekly
Beverley   Monthly
Bittacy Court 2 Weekly
Blackthorn  Monthly
Blenheim    Monthly
Block Blessbury Road Quarterly
Block Fernside Avenue 2 Weekly
Block Goldbeaters Grove 2 Weekly
Block Hemmings Court Quarterly
Block Lynford Close Quarterly
Block The Hyde 2 weekly
Bouchier House 2 weekly
Boundray Court Estate 2 weekly
Bradbury court 2 Weekly
Brent Place Estate 2 weekly
Brisbane Court  monthly
Bristol   Monthly
Brock   Monthly
Brownswell Road  2 Weekly
Burgundy House Estate Quarterly
Burnbrae Close Estate 2 Weekly
Bushfield Crescent 2 Weekly
Camm   Monthly
Campe House  2 weekly
Caney Mews  2 Weekly 
Capel Close Estate 2 weekly
Carberry  Monthly
Caudron  Monthly
Cavendish House  2 weekly
Chamberlayne  Monthly
Chaville court Estate 2 weekly
Chelwood Esates 2 weekly
Chesterfield Flats Quarterly
Chilvins Court Estate 2 Weekly
Church End 2 weekly
Church End 2 weekly
Citrine Lodge Quarterly
Clare House 2 Weekly
Clare Point Weekly
Claybrook Close Estate 2 Weekly
Clayton Monthly
Cleveland House 2 weekly
Clitterhouse Road 2 Weekly 
Cobham   Monthly
Colchester Road 2 weekly
Coleswood Estate 2 weekly
Colesworth House 2 Weekly
Comet  Monthly
Coniston Close Estate 2 Weekly
Coppetts Estate 2 weekly
Coppice Grove Estate 2 weekly
Crathorne House 2 weekly
Craven House 2 weekly
Cressingham Road 2 Weekly
Cricklewood Lane 2 weekly
Crocusfield        Quarterly
Crokesley House 2 Weekly
Cromwell House 2 weekly
Cromwell Road 2 weekly
Curtlington House 2 Weekly
Deansbrook Road 2 Weekly
Debenham Court Estate Quarterly
Dessoutter  Monthly
Dinsdale Estate 2 weekly
Dollis Croft est Quarterly
Dollis Valley Estate Weekly
Douglas  Monthly
Downding  Monthly
Durisdeer House 2 weekly
Dyott  Monthly
Dyson Court 2 Weekly 
East Crescent Estate 2 weekly
East View House 2 weekly
Edgeworth Court 2 weekly
Elias Court 2 weekly
Elizabeth House 2 weekly
Elmfield House 2 weekly
Elvaston / Weardale Court Estate Quarterly
Est Golderton Thornbury Pow Cl 2 weekly
Estate Aeroville 2 Weekly
Estate Alexandra House 2 Weekly
Estate Chapel Court 2 Weekly
Estate Derwent Rise 2 weekly
Estate Edward House 2 Weekly
Estate Elmshurst Crescent 2 weekly
Estate Goldbeaters Grove 2 Weekly
Estate Goldsmith Avenue Weekly
Estate Middledene 2 Weekly
Estate Northway Court 2 Weekly
Estate Storksmead Road 2 Weekly
Everett  Monthly
Eversleigh Court 2 Weekly
Ewen   Monthly
Fairey   Monthly
Fairway Court 2 Weekly
Farman  Monthly
Ferrour Court Estate 2 Weekly
Filby court 2 weekly
Firefly  Monthly
Fiske House Quarterly
Folland   Weekly
Font Hills Estate 2 Weekly
Foskett House 2 weekly
Fosters Court 2 weekly
Four Acres Estate 2 Weekly
Francis Court 2 Weekly
Friern Court Estate 2 weekly
Frith Court 2 Weekly
Galy Weekly
Garden House 2 weekly
Garrowsfield Weekly
Gates Weekly
Gauntlet   Weekly
General Deansbrook Close Quarterly
Gloster Monthly
Golderton 2 weekly
Goodyear House 2 weekly
Gordon Court Estate Quarterly
Gracia House Estate Quarterly
Grahame Park Estate Weekly
Granville Point  2 weekly
Grebe Monthly
Green Road 2 weekly
Grosvenor Court Estate 2 Weekly
Grovefield Court 2 weekly
Guilfoyle Weekly
Haldane Close 2 weekly
Halifax Weekly
Hanshawe Drive Estate Quarterly
Hastings Close Estate Quarterly
Hector Weekly
Heracles Weekly
Hermitage Court Estate 2 Weekly
Hertford Road Estate   2 weekly
High Road N20 Estate 2 Weekly
Hilton House 2 weekly
Holmsdale House 2 weekly
Hudson Ground Floor Weekly
Hughendon Estate Quarterly
Hurstmead Court 3 weekly
Kedyngton House 2 Weekly
Kemp Weekly
Kenilworth Road 2 Weekly
Kingscote 2 weekly
Kingsfield house 2 weekly
Lancaster Road Estate     Quarterly
Langford Road 2 weekly
Lapworth court 2 weekly
Layron Court             Quarterly
Leecroft 2weekly
Link Road 2 weekly 
Lisle Court 2 weekly
Lisselton House 2 weekly
LittleGrove Court Estate Quarterly
Lochleven House 2 weekly
Lodgemead Court Estate 2 Weekly
Longford Court 2 weekly
Longsberrys 2 weekly
Lower Fosters 2 Weekly
Ludgrove Court 2weekly
Lutra House Quarterly
Lynford Close Estate Quarterly
Malvern Lodge Estate 2 Weekly
March Weekly
Margaret Court Estates  2weekly
Market Place 2 weekly
Martins walk  2 wwekly
Martynside  Weekly
Mauve Court 2 weekly
Meadfield 2 Weekly
Meadow Close         Quarterly
Melbourne Court  2weekly
Melville Estate 2 weekly 
Mercury Weekly
Merlin Weekly
Midford House 2 weekly
Millbridge Weekly
Mitchell Weekly
Moineau  Weekly
Monkswell Estate 2 weekly
Montrose Avenue Quarterly
Montrose Crescent 2 Weekly
Moorhouse  Weekly
Mosswell House 2 weekly
Mount Pleasant  Estate 2 weekly
Mountfield 2 weekly
Mowbray House 2 weekly
Myddleton House 2 weekly
Naiper  Weekly
Nant Court 2 weekly
Nardini Weekly
Neville House 2weekly
Norbury Court estate 2 weekly
Norden Point  Weekly
Norfolk Close  2 weekly
Norris Weekly
North Road estates Quarterly
Northdene/fernside Estate Weekly
Oak House 2 weekly
Oak Villas Estate 2 Weekly
Oakmede Estate Quarterly
Octavia Court Estate Quarterly
Odd Estate Silkstream R 2 Weekly
Orange Hill Road 2 Weekly
Orde Weekly
Osprey  Monthly
Oxford   Monthly
Parnell Close 2 Weekly
Partridge   Monthly
Paulhan   Monthly
Peridot Lodge Estate 2 weekly
Perry Court 2 Weekly
Peyton House 2 weekly
Philipson House estate 2 Weekly
Phillip House Estate 2 weekly
Pine Ridge (Islington council Block) 2 weekly
Pixton   Monthly
Porte   Monthly
Prier  Monthly
Prince Of Wales 2 weekly
Prodger   Monthly
Prospect Ring  2 weekly
Pymmes Brook House 2weekly
Pyrus Court Estate Quarterly
Queensland Court monthly
Randall    Monthly
Rankin    Monthly
Rapide    Weekly
Ratier    Weekly
Rawlinson Court 2 Weekly 
Raynham    Monthly
Read House 2 weekly
Redhill Court Quarterly
Ricket    Monthly
Ripon   Monthly
Robson Court Estate 2 Weekly
Rockfield House 2 weekly
Rocklands Estate 2 Weekly
Roe  Weekly
Rogers walk Estate 2 Weekly
Rolfe House 2 weekly
Rossitor Fields Estate      Quarterly
Royston House 2 weekly
Rushgrove Court 2 Weekly
Saffron Close / Oak Villas Estate  Quarterly
Saimet  Weekly
Salcombe Gardens 2 Weekly
Sanders Lane Quarterly
Sapara court 2 weekly
Sassoon  Weekly
Sayers House 2 weekly
Sheldon Court Estate Quarterly
Silk House/ Shoeland estate 2 Weekly
Simmons Close Estate 2 weekly
Slatter    Weekly
Sopwith  Weekly
Spitfire  Weekly
Spooner  Weekly
Springfield Close Estate 2 Weekly
St Michaels Close Estate 2 Weekly
Stanshope House 2 weekly
Strode Close 2 weekly
Swan Court Estate 2 weekly
Sycamore House 2 weekly
Sydney House 2 weekly
Sydney Road 2 weekly
Tait Weekly
Tarling Road Estate 2 Weekly
Tedder Weekly
Templewood Point 2 weekly
The Avenue (external works) 2 weekly
The Highlands Estate 2 weekly
The Hollies Estate  2 weekly
The Homestead Estate 2 weekly
The Mead Estate 2 Weekly
The Woodlands estate 2 Weekly
Thornbury 2 weekly
Tiffany / Crispin Estate  2 weekly
Todd House 2 weekly
Travers    Monthly
Tudor House 2 weekly
Underhill court Estates  2 weekly
Valentine    Monthly
Valkyrie    Monthly
Vane House 2 weekly
Vanguard    Monthly
Vellore    Monthly
Vernier    Monthly
Vickers    Monthly
Victoria Grove Estate 2 Weekly
wade/nicoll court Estate 2 weekly
Wallace    Monthly
Wardell Court Estate 2 Weekly
Warneford    Monthly
Warwick Close Estates 2 weekly
Watling Avenue 2 Weekly
Wellesley    Monthly
Wellington    Monthly
Wheeler  Weekly
Whitefield Estate Weekly
Whitmore House 2 weekly
Whittaker  Weekly
Whittle  Weekly
Whychcote Point Weekly
Willow House 2 weekly
Wilshire Weekly
Woodburn Close Weekly
Woodside Avenue Estate 2 Weekly
Worcester Court Estate 2 Weekly
Worsley Court Estate 2 Weekly