Caretaking visits

You can use the table and search function below to find out when your block will be visited. You can search using your block name or post code.

Block cleaning frequencies

Caretaking Service Commitments

Where a service is provided, Barnet Homes caretakers carry out the following duties as part of their cleaning schedules:

  • Carry out Health & Safety checks
  • Report communal repairs.
  • Check/Clean bin areas and remove any excess rubbish.
  • Check security and entry door systems are working where applicable.
  • Sweep and mop all internal entrances, corridors, staircase and lifts.
  • Spot clean walls, windows sills, banisters and railings.
  • Clear graffiti where possible or report it for removal
  • Check, clean lights as required.
  • litter pick all areas
  • If necessary, sweep/air broom housing hard surfaces and kerbs.
  • Clean communal glass where accessible.

Seasonal works to be carried when required

  • Clear leaves and dead weeds when required, depending on weather conditions.
  • Salt access pathways to blocks in severe frost and snow.

The above duties regularity may vary due to cover arrangements, emergencies or other seasonal or service demands.

Caretaker hours are: 8am to 4pm Monday to Friday. No caretaking service is provided out of hours, public holidays or weekends.

These duties may vary due to cover arrangements, emergencies or seasonal demands.

You can contact us on 020 8080 6587 or email us at

Grounds Maintenance

The majority of our estates is maintained by London Borough of Barnet’s Grounds Maintenance team.

Barnet Homes’ also has a small grounds team that carry out small projects and regular cyclical programme on some estates.

Our service commitments are as follows:

Between mid-March and the end of October we:

  • Remove litter before cutting the grass area.
  • To cut the grass so that the grass is between 20 to 50mm.
  • To carry our any tree work which may be required.
  • To carry out any other work that is required by us.
  • To carry out weed spraying twice in the period of time.

Between October and March we:

  • Once a year cut back all the shrubs and hedges.
  • To cultivate the soil .
  • To define the grass edges on paths etc.
  • To remove leafs and litter clearance.
  • To carry out any other work that is required by us.

Rubbish and Recycling Collection

This service is managed and delivered by the London Borough of Barnet’s Street Scene department.

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