Caretaking Service Commitments

What our Caretakers do

What our Caretakers don’t do

Every 2-3 weeks we will:

  • Carry out visual checks on communal areas to make sure there are no health and safety issues, including trip hazards, broken windows and doors
  • Report any communal repairs
  • Check and clean the communal bin area and remove any excess rubbish
  • Check the security and door entry system is working if your block has one
  • Sweep and mop all internal entrances, corridors, staircases and lifts
  • Clean windowsills, banisters and railings
  • Clean walls as required e.g. remove any dirt or scuffs
  • Clear graffiti where possible or report it for removal. If graffiti is offensive it will be removed within 24 hours
  • Check communal lights work and clean them as required
  • Litter pick all communal areas
  • Sweep or clean kerbs and hard surfaces in external areas e.g. communal patios or drying areas
  • Clean communal windows where these are accessible

On a seasonal basis when required we will:

  • Clear leaves and dead weeds, depending on weather conditions
  • Salt access pathways to blocks in severe frost and snow
  • Give access to electrical cupboards for broadband or meter readings or access to roofs to check aerials or satellite dishes. (The company that has requested access should have their own keys for access).
  • Arrange removal of abandoned vehicles. Click here for information on the abandoned vehicles services provided by Barnet Council
  • Caretakers do not deal with signage enquires which include putting up signs such as no smoking or no fly tipping, or deal with complaints regarding a breach of signs already up. Please contact our Customer Contact Team at if you have signage enquiries.


The regularity of the above tasks may vary at times due to cover arrangements, emergencies or other seasonal/service demands.


What our Grounds Maintenance team do

What our Grounds Maintenance team don’t do

Tasks we carry out between mid-March and the end of October:

  • Remove litter prior to cutting grassed areas
  • Cut the grass to a reasonable length approximately 20-50mm
  • Carry out any urgent minor tree works which may be required involving diseased or dying trees. (Urgent major tree works will be referred to our approved contractor).
  • Carry out weed spraying of hard surfaces in communal areas twice during this period
  • Treat any identified Japanese Knotweed. (If needed we will arrange safe disposal of it by an approved contractor).

Tasks we carry out between November and mid-March are:

  • Cut back the shrubs and hedges once during this period
  • Cultivate (turn over) the soil if required
  • Define the grass edges on paths where applicable
  • Remove leaves and clear litter if required
  • Respond to any urgent safety matters in a timely manner
  • Remove large, dumped items or discarded green waste. Click here for more information on the bulk rubbish collection service provided by Barnet Council
  • Remove grass cuttings from estates – these will remain on the communal lawns
  • Maintain any non-communal areas that are the responsibility of residents
  • Maintain areas where Garden Clubs have prior agreements with Barnet Homes. (Garden Club members do this).


Completion of the above tasks are subject to weather conditions and any unforeseen emergencies. If a grass cut is missed because of rain, it will be rescheduled as soon as possible.

We provide different services at different times of the year because of seasonal factors. For example, we do not cut back hedges until after the bird-nesting season is over.

Rubbish and Recycling Collection

This service is managed and delivered by the London Borough of Barnet’s Street Scene department.

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