If you would like to deliver any Right To Buy documents in person, please contact the Right To Buy team at TalkToUs@BarnetHomes.org to arrange an appointment.

Right to buy is a scheme allowing some tenants to buy the property they rent from the council.

The maximum Right to Buy discount for homes in London is £136,400 (as of 6 April 2024). The maximum discount will increase on 06 April each year if the Consumer Price Index increases.

Who qualifies for Right to Buy

You have the Right to Buy if:

  • You are currently a secure tenant and also have been a tenant of a public sector landlord (council or housing association) for at least three years.

You do not have the Right to Buy if:

  • you live in your home because you work for Barnet Homes or Barnet Council and you have a service tenancy
  • you live in sheltered housing or your home is particularly suitable for older people.

If you are interested in purchasing your home through Right to Buy, please consider whether you will be able to keep up with mortgage payments.

See our property value guide for typical council homes in Barnet.

Click here to download a complete Right to Buy application pack.

Please contact us if you would like more information about Right to Buy and discuss your options. You can also find information by downloading this booklet or here (external site).

Finally, you can contact the new Right to Buy Agent service for extra help with the application process.