What’s the process?

If you are a secure tenant and your current home no longer suits your needs due to overcrowding or medical grounds, please contact us on 020 8610 3539.

We will establish if you are eligible for a transfer, and will send a self-assessment form if you need to move on medical grounds.  The team will also request documents from you and carry out investigations – including a holistic assessment of your needs.

Who is likely to be eligible to move?

1) Tenants who need to move on medical grounds
Only tenants whose circumstances have changed since they moved into the property – or whose medical condition has worsened since they moved in – will be likely to receive a transfer on these grounds.

2) Tenants who are overcrowded
Tenants who are overcrowded will only be eligible to move if they require two or more additional bedrooms. The Council’s Housing Allocations Scheme explains how bedroom requirements are calculated in the Borough of Barnet.

For more information on overcrowding, click here to read “Annex 2” of the Housing Allocations Scheme

Important information

  • If you are eligible to move, you could be offered accommodation in the private sector. A transfer to Council-owned or Housing Association accommodation is not guaranteed in any circumstance.
  • Having a medical problem does not necessarily mean that you will get a transfer. Instead, before a transfer will be considered, your housing must directly affect your medical condition or your independence.