Barnet Homes will normally only provide a repairs service for items we are responsible for under the terms of your lease.

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However, in some cases we may also be able to carry out repairs to other items and charge you the cost. Contact us to find out more.

Repairs timescales

We give priority to the most urgent repairs:

Timescale Type of repair
24 hours Leaks causing flooding, total loss of water or electric supply. Any repair needed to prevent serious risk to health, safety or security.
3 working days Partial loss of water supply, repairs to fire doors, repairs to broken glass, partial loss of electric supply, leaking pipes or roofs.
15 working days Repairing or replacing outside doors, windows, or repairing the roofs or chimney stack where the roof is leaking.
Within four months Non-urgent fencing repairs or replacements.

We will need to charge you for the cost of emergency work, plus an administrative fee for managing the work, if a delay would cause damage to neighbouring properties or put the health and safety of other residents at risk.

Entering your home

You must allow our staff or contractors into your home to inspect and carry out any repairs or improvements.

We will give you at least 48 hours notice and will try to arrange to call at a time that is suitable for you.

There are many reasons why we may need to come into your home, including:

  • repairing a door entryphone
  • repairing or improving your windows
  • inspecting leaks which affect other properties in your block.

In an emergency we may need to enter your home without giving you written notice.

If this happens, we will try to contact you. If we need to break in, we will make the property safe before we leave.

Repairs Service

Leaseholders are able to contact Mears, (Barnet Homes’ partnership Repairs & Maintenance contractor) to order works to their home. All trades will be covered and include:

  • Plumbing (e.g. from leaks to renewing taps or installing a new bathroom suite)
  • Carpentry (e.g. a lock change)
  • Electrical works (e.g. all work including renewing wall sockets, making safe after leaks, changing light switches, etc.)
  • Glazing work (e.g. re-glazing broken windows)

This service is open to resident and non-resident leaseholders on 24 hours a day.

  1. Call the Mears team on 020 3968 4240. 
  2. Introduce yourself as a Barnet Homes leaseholder
  3. Give your name and leasehold property address
  4. Describe the work you would like carried out
  5. The Mears operator will check the details of your job and give you a quote for the work.
  6. You will be able to confirm the date of your appointment and request a morning or afternoon call.
  7. Depending on the type of work required jobs can be completed within a couple of hours or arranged to suit you.
  8. If you are happy to go ahead you will be able to pay for your job using a debit or credit card.

Repairs responsibilities

Type of Repair Location Barnet Homes Leaseholder
Plumbing works
Clear blockage or repair leak to main soil stack, rainwater pipes and gutters Communal  
Clear blockage or repair leaking waste pipe Communal


Repair burst or leaking water pipe Up to and including the main stopcock  
After the main stopcock to the flat or maisonette  
Replace/ repair water storage tank (including ball valves to prevent overflows) Communal  


Repair/ replace or re-washer mains stopcock To the block  
Inside the flat or maisonette  
Clear blockage or repair leaking waste pipe, trap, and fittings including branches up to the soil stack. Inside the flat or maisonette  
Repair or replace bath, basin, sink, taps, WC. Inside the flat or maisonette  
Heating and electrical works
Heating and hot water Communal  
  Inside the flat or maisonette only  
  Flue liner  
Rewiring Communal  
Renewal/repair of fittings Communal  
Repairs to Assist (alarm system) apparatus    
Repairs to communal door entry systems including all apparatus and handsets Communal and  inside the flat or maisonette  
Repairs to all fuses – excluding the providers mains Inside the flat or maisonette  
Renewal of consumer unit (fuseboard) Inside the flat or maisonette  
Rewiring (up to lateral mains) Inside the flat or maisonette  
Renewal/ repairs of fittings Inside the flat or maisonette  
Repairs to individual doors bells Inside the flat or maisonette  
Ventilation system Communal areas  
  Inside the flat or maisonette  

Whose leak is it anyway?

We regularly receive calls from leaseholders who are uncertain who is responsible for leaks into their home. Here’s a guide:

Where is it coming from? Who lives there Who is responsible Contact
The flat or maisonette above Barnet Homes tenant Barnet Homes 020 8080 6587
The flat or maisonette above Barnet Homes leaseholder The leaseholder Contact them directly
The flat or maisonette above The tenant of a Barnet Homes leaseholder The leaseholder Contact them directly or inform your leasehold housing officer on

020 8359 6020.

Roof, guttering, balcony or shared water supply or waste pipe.   Barnet Homes 020 8080 6587
Your own flat You or your tenant You Contact a reputable tradesman or your managing agent.