Barnet Homes is delighted to confirm the first completion of retrofitting works to council-owned homes in the borough. As part of a pilot scheme run by Barnet Homes to undergo energy efficiency improvements to homes, works on the first property have now been completed., These works will ensure lower bills for residents and a warmer home in the winter.

Due to the successful completion of the first home, works will now begin on the rest of phase one of this . Improvements to modernise the homes have included: external solid wall insulation; loft insulation; replacement of windows and external doors; installation of a hot water cylinder insulation system and a decentralized mechanical extract ventilator.

Works on the first home began in September 2023 and finished in January 2024, this allowed the Barnet Homes team to ensure the first home was completed to a good standard and ensure the same methodology is followed for the rest of the properties. Completion of phase one works is expected to be by May 2024. Meanwhile, the overall project which will see 245 homes retrofitted is expected to run until March 2025.

With work at the first property the Barnet Homes Retrofit team were delighted to welcome Stella Wienrich, Capital Delivery Workstream Coordinator – Decarbonisation – Growth & Corporate Services and Chris , Assistant Director of Growth & Corporate Services at the London Borough of Barnet, alongside Jack Ostrofsky, Retrofit London Operations Director and Isabelle Coleman, Retrofit London Project Officer. Coleman commented on the visit “I think it is especially important to see first-hand how knowledgeable the team are and the care that is going into retrofitting”.

All attendees found the site visit a useful insight into the positive work being carried out within the borough. During the visit they was all able to directly speak to the resident and get her feedback about the project.

The first Angela, to have works completed said “I am happy with the works; I was always kept informed about what was happening. My house feels a lot warmer than before to a point that I do not have to have the heating on as much as I did before. I cannot comment on my energy bill as it is still early days, I look forward to seeing the change. The Retrofit team were amazing, I had a positive experience, and they would help answer any questions I had straight away. I would absolutely recommend the retrofit works to other residents; the benefits and experience has been incredible.

The pilot property has demonstrated the great standards Barnet Homes want to maintain throughout the project. As this is still a pilot scheme and first of its kind, the team will be looking to take any learnings from this experience to help improve the processes and procedures to continue the success of the project.

You can learn more about the Retrofit project by watching this video by Quinn London below.