Let Mears gain access into your home to issue your new gas safety certificate – and help them raise money for a worthy cause to our First Time Access Fund

The fund is administered by Barnet Homes Senior Community Engagement Officer with support from PAG that raises between £5k – £7k a year for local groups and charities to apply for funding toward community based projects.

Chairman of the residents’ Performance Advisory Group (PAG), John Davies explains: “During contract negotiations, Mears agreed to pay £1 every time a resident allowed them first time access to carry out the annual gas safety check.

We want to encourage residents to play their part and allow Mears access first time. This will add more to the fund and cut down on the contractor having to reschedule appointments

It is important that you have gas and heating checked annually – not only for your own safety but it will add to the fund as this will help to fund projects for the community.

If you are an individual or group and would like to apply;

Complete an online application here. If you experience any issues, you can email us for an application form

Remember, it is important to get your gas and heating checked for your own safety… AND ALWAYS ask for the engineer’s identity!

First Time Access Fund criteria

Applicants must be based in Barnet and demonstrate that the majority of beneficiaries are tenants and leaseholders living in a Barnet Homes property or service users of Your Choice Barnet.  These may include;

  • Sheltered housing
  • Gardening clubs
  • Resident Associations and Community Groups
  • Your Choice Barnet, Friends Groups
  • Youth clubs

The panel also welcomes applications from officers of Barnet Homes and Your Choice Barnet, although they must demonstrate that they have involved or consulted residents and service users.

The panel is keen to fund activities that;

  • demonstrates a genuine development of an organisation’s on-going social, recreational and educational activities
  • supports activities of a newly formed community based organisation, a significant event or one-off project that will benefit a specific group or area
  • aims to improve or enhance the social, educational or economic status of individuals or groups
  • enhance the local environment, community space, facility or building for leisure or entertainment


The maximum grant awardable for an individual application is £750; this is subject to funds held. The grant will be awarded for a period of one year and does not imply any year on year financial commitment from Barnet Homes.


Projects must be financially viable and have a clear structure on what will be delivered

Applicants may be required to declare their financial situation by the submission of audited accounts and current bank statements together with any supporting information on the reasons for financial reserves held beyond day to day expenditure needs.

Applicants must submit full details of their proposed project in their application. Failure to supply full details of your application and any supporting documentation could result in your application being rejected.

Awarded Grant & Payment Arrangements

When funding is approved the panel will decide whether the payment shall be made in advance of the project commencing or whether stage payments should be made, each case will be considered individually on its merits.

Constituted groups must provide details of their organisations bank details as payment will only be made through BACS.

If you are applying as a non-constituted group, Barnet Homes will look at each application individually and provide the appropriate arrangement for payment

Evaluating your project

Successful applicants will be required to submit a short evaluation report of their project to the funding panel within three month of the end of their project. We encourage all applicants to gather feedback from residents and service users involved in the project including photos (where consent has been given) for publicity.

The report should detail how the grant was used, showing outcomes and achievements and include receipts for all expenditure. If this information is not provided the panel may refuse the right for any future requests for funding to be considered.

Applicants will be required to sign an undertaking to this effect, which will make clear that the person/s who signs the acceptance of funding agreement will be personally liable to repay to Barnet Homes any grant monies paid and for which no receipts or other evidence of expenditure is provided.

If funding is approved, organisations must hold a register showing names and addresses of residents benefiting the scheme which may be inspected by Barnet Homes.

All grant applications will be considered by a panel that consists of officers from Barnet Homes and residents from the Barnet Homes Performance Advisory Group.