Barnet Homes is creating a new Regeneration Service to provide an improved housing and estate management service to residents living in the Dollis Valley, Grahame Park and West Hendon estates.

Why create a new Regeneration Service?

The aim of the new service is to bring multiple management functions together and allow services on our regeneration estates to be delivered in a more co-ordinated way.

This approach will enable us to provide residents with clear and consistent information on the capital investment refurbishment schemes being carried out in their local area and provide them with a single point of contact for management, rehousing or repairs enquiries. It will also help us to work even closer with resident groups and other key partners such as the London Borough of Barnet, Re and private developers.

What is the new service responsible for?

The new service will be responsible for;

  • All neighbourhood housing issues on the three estates including tenancy management and anti-social behaviour queries
  • Rehousing all residents who will have to move due to the redevelopment of the estates
  • All estate management issues on the three estates
  • Ensuring that all repairs requests are resolved quickly and to the expected standard
  • Working closely in partnership with Barnet Council, Re, developers and residents to ensure that the regeneration of the three estates is successfully completed.

The new service will cover the following areas;

  • Dollis Valley Estate
  • Grahame Park Estate
  • West Hendon Estate

What will the new service look like?

The structure chart below shows that the new service will be led by a new service manager and will be split into four distinct teams, each responsible for providing a high-quality and customer focussed service to all residents living on the three estates.

When will the new service start?

The new Regeneration Service will go live on 27 July 2020.

What does this mean for me?

The new service will bring housing management, rehousing, estate management and repairs management together into the same service area. This will mean that we can provide you with a better and more co-ordinated response to any tenancy or estate issues that you report to us.

Your Housing Officers will be replaced by a new Regeneration Team who will be responsible for managing all neighbourhood and tenancy enquiries on the estates.

However, all housing enquiries will initially be dealt with through our Customer Contact Team, with only complex queries being dealt with by the Regeneration Service. This will ensure that you receive the right advice when you first contact us.

Who do I contact to report an issue?

From 27 July 2020 you can contact us in the following ways;

Tenancy Management issues, Anti-Social Behaviour or Rehousing enquiries
020 8359 7596 or

Repairs enquiry or Estate Services (e.g. caretaking)
020 8080 6587 or