Barnet Homes is supporting The Big Lunch which takes officially place this year on 1st and 2nd June – although our residents have been busy organising community gatherings on our estates throughout the month of June!

Our Community Engagement Team has been overseeing the organisation of these events with local community groups and they have been funded by the Mears First Time Access Fund. This is where residents who allow Mears First Time Access into their homes to do the annual gas safety check – they contribute money to local causes.

There is more detail about how local groups and charities can apply for the Mears First Time Access fund here.

The Big Lunch is an idea from the Eden Project made possible by the National Lottery, which encourages people across the UK to come together to share food, friendship and fun.

The Big Lunch is based on a simple premise – great things happen when you bring people together, neighbours get to know each other and residents talk to each other.

With this in mind, Barnet Homes’ The Big Lunch events hope to bring as many local people as possible together over food to share conversation and build lasting bonds.

It’s a fact that taking part in community events increases the sense of pride and belonging in where we live.

Events like The Big Lunch also create stronger connections and inspires people to make a positive difference in their local area, all of which will help to make the community stronger and happier.

Barnet Homes’ The Big Lunch events happening near you:

  • Barnet Community Projects/ Rainbow Centre – 2 June
  • Living Way Ministries at Grahame Park – 2 June
  • North Road Community Centre – 15 June
  • Granville Estate Resident Association – 29 June

Keeping checking for updates/news on The Big Lunch events we are having.

But a community gathering doesn’t just have to be in June, we have a guide to help you organise a community event any time of year! Or email get for further advice.

Want to ‘Get Involved’? Click on this link!