Fresh Start for Mr and Mrs G

//Fresh Start for Mr and Mrs G

You may recall the bedroom tax was introduced by the Government in the Welfare Reform Act 2012 and effective from 1 April 2013. The tax means a cut in housing benefit if you live in a council or housing association home with one or more ‘spare bedrooms’.

Barnet Homes’ Fresh Start scheme aims to help tenants who are affected by the bedroom tax to move to a new home that suits their existing housing needs.

Mr and Mrs G lived in a four-bedroom council property, but mobility issues made the property medically unsuitable for them. The couple were also affected by the bedroom tax, so there were good reasons for them to consider moving to a smaller, more affordable property.

Due to Mrs G’s medical issues, the couple had to move within the same area so that her doctors could continue to make necessary home visits. When a bungalow became available in the area, they were
happy to accept it.

The bungalow has now been fitted with a level access shower room, and Mr G says this has had a huge impact on Mrs G’s quality of life, allowing her to utilise the whole property.

In the old property, Mrs G had not stepped outside for 10 years because she suffers from agoraphobia (anxiety). However, the new property has a back garden, and Mrs G has recently found the courage to stand in the garden and enjoy the fresh air – a huge feat for her!

Mr G is planning a small patio area and is hopeful that Mrs G will be able to use this in the coming summer months.

Is your property too large?
We can help you move to a smaller one and can offer you money to move. Please contact Denise Bracken for a chat about this scheme on 020 8359 4695.

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