How a completely bed bound customer who hadn’t left his property for five years, is now living in a ground floor flat where he can look out onto beautiful gardens.

Mr R was referred to by the NHS to Barnet Homes’ Vulnerable Assessment Officer in November 2019 and by January 2020 he had moved into a property where he could live more independently.

Mr R’s health was rapidly declining and this was further exacerbated by the fact he was living in a third-floor housing association property. It became extremely difficult for the NHS and other medical agencies to get Mr G out of the property and down the stairs for his regular hospital appointments. In addition to this, Mr R had been bedbound for more than four years and hadn’t left his property (aside from hospital appointments) for even longer.

Our Vulnerable Assessment Officer took the time to speak to Mr R and his family, to find out what would improve Mr R’s quality of life. Mr R, although significantly physically impaired, still wanted to live a much of an independent life as possible and have space in a property where his family could come and visit.

Mr R’s daughter said the condition of the flat he was living in made it very difficult for his grandchildren to come and stay and that was the thing he most longer for.

The Vulnerable Assessment Officer worked closely with services across Barnet Homes, including Nominations and Health and Safety and within week had found a property that could improve the quality of Mr R’s life.

Ms J, Mr R’s daughter said:

“It’s amazing how it started. I tried for years to try and move my dad myself to no avail. Around November Barbara from the NHS contacted me and from the minute she got involved, things started to get better. My dad is still of sound mind, can still live independently, although his physical condition is deteriorating he still wants to keep his independence. When Barnet Homes’ Medical Assessment Officer became involved, she also spoke to my dad and was determined to help him keep his independence. Within two weeks they found something. It’s perfect, it’s a fresh start and it’s local so I can visit him easily. He has young grandchildren and now they can stay over and play in the garden. The previous flat he was in wasn’t in a good condition, so it was hard to bring the kids to visit. So, when we went to view the property, I was relieved, I couldn’t believe it. But I didn’t want to get my hopes up.

“We moved dad’s bed to the front room, so it overlooks the garden.  He can see the outside world for the first time in more than four years!  And there is another room we can keep things for the children for when they come and visit.

“I am looking forward to when the weather gets better so we can actually wheel dad out and he can enjoy seeing the grandchildren play outside. Dad says he is much happier and just so delighted he has been able to keep his independence.”