“Treasure the wisdom of old age. Learn from elder people and be wise”

With the backdrop of a growing older population in Barnet, the impact of Silver Week has huge relevance.

Silver Week in Barnet is all about celebrating the contribution that older people make to our community. Barnet Homes supported many of the Silver Week activities run by Barnet Council, but we also had a few of our own.

One of our Sheltered Schemes, Drummond House, held a Health and Wellbeing day during Silver Week.  It was a day of socialising and dance-based exercise and other schemes were encouraged to attend.

Therapists from The Disability Foundation coming into to give residents massages, which they very much enjoyed!

BOOST@184 in Childs Hill ran support services for older people throughout the week.

Silver Week ended on a high note with a special awards ceremony to older residents who loaned their artwork to an art exhibition on the final Sunday.

Congratulations to Barnet Homes residents who took part in the exhibition and took part in the ceremony.