Want to know more about crowdfunding in Barnet? Barnet Council invites you to an interactive crowdfunding workshop to learn how to get involved with Barnet Together on 17th of July, 4-6pm at the Finchley Arts Depo in North Finchley.

Free registration: Register here

From community gardens and street murals, to festivals and sports facilities, if you or someone you know, wants to enhance your street or neighbourhood, improve your local park or play area, or simply bring people together, Barnet Together enables you to create your own crowdfunding project. In addition, pledges of up to £5000 are available from the Barnet Together Fund. 

Come along and hear from Spacehive, the crowdfunding platform for this programme, who will explain all you need to know to start your own crowdfunding campaign. You will also hear about the upcoming Mayor of London crowdfunding programme where pledges of up to £50,000 are available for projects.

Whether this is your first time creating a project, you’re a seasoned community organiser, you’re from a local business who wants to get involved, or you simply want to play a part in improving Barnet, this is your chance to make a real difference in your local area.

Pictured is a young lady involved with the successful bid to start a teenage market in Chipping Barnet.

Learn more about Barnet Together here