The completion of 46 new homes at Basing Way Green in Finchley marks the end of a programme of building 340 homes for affordable rent in Barnet delivered by Opendoor Homes, part of The Barnet Group.

The first ground-breaking in the programme took place in 2017, and over almost six years of hard work, desperately-needed homes for affordable rent have been provided for Barnet residents.

The homes have been built across the borough, on a variety of sites and with different individual designs which complement their surroundings.

The biggest development was Gracie House at Prospect Ring, where 50 new homes were built in a stylish, modern tower block sitting proud next to two pre-existing blocks.

But each development has made a difference. Two homes have been built at each of Westbrook Crescent, Quinta Drive, Ryecroft Crescent and Crispin Road. These new homes have contributed to meeting a wide range of different housing needs for Barnet’s growing population.

At Basing Way Green, the last development to finish construction, 46 new homes have been built across three blocks, to be known as Danetree Court, Hitara Court, Orinoco Court. These will be made up of 24 one-bedroom, 16 two-bedroom and six three-bedroom homes.

But these new homes do not mark the end of The Barnet Group and Barnet Council’s house-building ambitions; more they herald the start of even loftier ambitions. The Group is currently on site, constructing over 400 new homes across the borough; the largest development coming at Little Strand on the Grahame Park Estate in Colindale. The Group is also developing Extra Care schemes, providing dedicated supported housing for older people in Barnet.

The Barnet Group’s Director of Growth and Development said: “We’re proud to celebrate the completion of this programme of 340 homes for affordable rent in Barnet. These high quality homes will provide safe places to live for generations to come.

“Combined with our ambitious acquisition programme and the new homes built in recent years, we have added over 700 homes to Barnet’s social housing stock.

“I’m excited for what the future holds and can’t wait to continue to meet Barnet’s needs with innovative housing solutions.