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The Barnet Group have five core values which set out what we stand for, and how we behave. 

As a Group: we have a public sector ethos with a private sector commercial focus

As Barnet Homes: great service, delivered at great value that makes a positive difference to people, homes and communities

As Your Choice Barnet: empowering people to live the lives they choose, as independently as possible

As TBG Flex: offering flexible benefits to attract the best staff

As Opendoor Homes: to be a progressive landlord, provider of services and developer of high quality, contemporary affordable new homes

Inspiring Trust

  • Open and honest
  • Does the right thing
  • Walks the talk
  • Takes a stand

Being proud

  • Talks positively about The Group
  • Supports the Barnet Group
  • Champions the Barnet Group
  • Puts the Barnet Group First

Responding to Individuals

  • Engages with empathy
  • Takes a flexible approach
  • Changes ways of working
  • Creates a responsive organisation

One Team, One Outcome

  • Works well with others
  • Works across teams
  • Builds partnerships and relationships internally and externally
  • Builds a unified approach to delivering outcomes across Barnet

Taking Ownership

  • Focuses on doing a good job
  • Creates own measures of excellence
  • Seeks out challenging assignments
  • Takes the lead