The Barnet Group, Barnet Homes, Your Choice (Barnet), Opendoor Homes, TBG Flex and Bumblebee Property each have their own Board.

Our board members

The Barnet Group

Eamon McGoldrick (Chair)
Ursula Bennion
Aruna Bhatt
Cllr Paul Edwards
Penny Farrar
Adam Mansell
Tim Mulvenna
June Riley
Jack Stephen
Cllr Sarah Wardle
Rob Webber

Barnet Homes

Eamon McGoldrick (Chair)
Aruna Bhatt
Jade Lam
Tim Mulvenna
Rob Webber

Your Choice Barnet

Eamon McGoldrick (Chair)
Tim Mulvenna
Jack Stephen

Opendoor Homes

Ursula Bennion (Chair)
Maureen Adams
Jeremy Arnold
Tom Bremner
Dasos Christou
Surjit Dhande
Marie Li Mow Ching
Jack Stephen
Richard Stevens

TBG Flex

Jack Stephen
Rob Webber


Derek Rust (Chair)
Jeremy Arnold
Deepani de Silva
Shaun McLean
Tim Mulvenna
Julie Riley
Elliott Sweetman

Board Member appointments

Non-independent Board Members are replaced every three years via an application process. Applicants are appointed by a subset of the Board. Their role is to bring their particular experience to the Board to add decision making.

Independent Board Members are appointed for three year periods and can be reappointed twice. Members are appointed via an application process and appointed by a subset of the Board. Appointments are generally linked to specific skills the Board is seeking.

London Borough of Barnet Member appointees (not the Chair) are appointed annually via the Councils AGM process.

The Chair is appointed by The London Borough of Barnet for a three year period via an application process.

Co-optees can be appointed to the Board to supplement skills

Role of the Board

The Board is responsible for

  • monitoring operational and budgetary performance
  • setting the strategic direction of the company
  • identifying new business opportunities

As well as the Board meetings, the Group has three Committees that meet throughout the year, these are:

  • The Audit & Risk Committee
  • The Governance and Remuneration Committee
  • Performance Advisory Group (Resident Board)