Equality and inclusion is central to everything we do at The Barnet Group. We want to create a workplace where everyone can be themselves and knows they can reach their full potential.

We value our people and respect and celebrate their differences. We’re proud that our colleagues come from different backgrounds and have varied outlooks, and we know that bringing together these experiences and unique points of view makes us a stronger organisation and better able to serve our diverse customers.

We are always looking for ways to support our colleagues and are committed to being responsive to demands to create staff networks and support groups. Our Race Equality Steering Group supports staff from ethnic minority backgrounds and allies, and is championing our work to strengthen race equality within our organisation. This includes driving our Race Equality Action Plan, which is an important part of our wider equalities and improvement work as we strive to find ways to become a more efficient and effective business with equality of opportunity and outcome for our people and our customers.

We want to create a place that works for everyone, and we are looking for committed, passionate people to join us.

Gender Pay Gap: The Barnet Group has a mean gender pay gap of 4.6%, and a median gender pay gap of -2.5%. This is significantly below the figure for organisations in the same sector and significantly below the figures for organisations with a similar financial turnover, and those with a similar number of employees.

Within The Barnet Group, we have three companies which directly employ staff – Barnet Homes, Your Choice Barnet (YCB), and TBG Flex. Of these, only Barnet Homes meets the requirements for statutory publication. However, in the interests of transparency, we have chosen to share the details of all three employers in addition to the consolidated report for the Group.

Although we have shown less of a pay gap than many others, we are keen to eliminate this and we are taking positive action by supporting women to progress to higher paid jobs and by measuring progress. Like the majority of businesses, we recognise that to close the gap entirely will be a challenge. However, we believe that we have made significant steps are our future plans will ensure we make further progress to rectify this.

The Gender Pay Gap Reports in full for all three companies, plus a consolidated report can be viewed by clicking the links below:

Ethnicity pay gap

We have committed to reviewing the ethnicity pay gap as part of our Race Equality Action Plan in 2021. We will publish the results and identify any action we can take to improve equality within our business.