Even the downpours couldn’t dampen the warm atmosphere at Barnet Homes’ community summer roadshow last weekend.

The summer roadshow was the perfect opportunity for all residents to meet our staff and chat about ways we can work together to make improvements in your area.

Throughout the afternoon, up to 100 residents did indeed take the chance to talk to our staff and Performance Advisory Group (PAG) members also were also on hand to advise residents.

The day had a health and well-being theme, which meant there was a lot of action as well as talking!

Free pedometers and healthy eating guides were handed out. GLL Barnet were on hand to support and encourage residents to have a more active lifestyle.

Residents had to register for these items, and will be contacted in three months to review if they have managed to make any improvements towards living a healthier lifestyle.

Hope Kitchen and the Loveburntoak Real Junk Food Project proved to be a hit with residents. The Real Junk Food Project procures out-of-date food or products from supermarkets and gives them to people on a ‘pay what you can’ basis. They can also provide catering on the same basis.

Art Against Knives were there supporting the Vales Nails offering their fabulous, award-winning free manicures on the day. BOOST, PA Choices, Mears were also on hand to promote their services to residents.

Even the RSPCA had a community stand there offering vet treatments at a reduced price for the pets of people in receipt of benefits.

We’ll have all of these stalls plus at our next Community Roadshow, which is on Saturday 9 September at Burnt Oak Community Centre from 11am. 

Come along and share ideas you might have that would improve the local community or you might even have a project you are trying to get funding for.