Casserole Club, a project which connects people who like to cook with neighbours who could benefit from home cooked food, has been launched in Barnet in partnership with FutureGov and The Barnet Group, with backing from Barnet Council.

Casserole Club helps people share extra portions of their home cooked food with others nearby who are looking for a fresh meal, such as older people who may experience difficulty cooking for themselves. This gets more people eating wholesome, hot meals, while also strengthening neighbourhood ties.

The club was started by FutureGov in Reigate and Banstead, where it attracted over 250 members. FutureGov is a company which works with local government to develop creative new services for councils and their communities.

Troy Henshall, Director of Business Services at The Barnet Group, says: “This is an innovative, community-based approach to tackling the problems of social isolation and malnutrition. Casserole Club offers a chance for Barnet residents to get to know their neighbours over a good meal and will really benefit our community.”

Matt Skinner, who leads the Casserole Club team at FutureGov, adds: “We believe that food should be something enjoyed and celebrated, and that nothing beats a fresh home made meal. There are a lot of people cooking food and many others who would greatly appreciate a home cooked meal. Our goal is to connect the two and show that good food and good neighbours go hand-in-hand to build stronger communities.”

If you live in Barnet and would like to cook for someone who lives locally, please sign up at: Alternatively, if you know someone who would benefit from a home cooked meal, please email: