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Flower Lane celebrates World Autism Awareness Week

Staff, parents and carers at Flower Lane recently made a wonderful contribution to raising awareness about autism by organising several events and activities as part of World Autism Awareness Week. One of the events included a 'wear your favourite top' afternoon. Many people with autistic traits find routine and regularity very comforting, so this was [...]

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Flower Lane at Urban Gamez 2018!

Barnet Homes’ annual community sporting event had some special guests this year; police horses, the new Mayor of Barnet plus a visit from Flower Lane! Urban Gamez is one of the biggest community events on the Barnet Homes calendar and takes place down on the concourse at Grahame Park. The service users pictured arrived just [...]

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Flower Lane’s flock is enjoying summer!

Flower Lane staff, parents and carers work hard throughout the year on fundraising, through fairs, raffles and other events. Some of the money raised, by Flower Lane Action Group, contributes towards trips for service users – which this year arrived just in time for the heat wave! This year, most of the service users at [...]

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Flower Lane celebrates Autistic Pride Day

Your Choice Barnet’s Flower Lane service held an event to celebrate Autistic Pride Day recently. The annual event, which takes place on the 18th June, celebrates what people with autism bring to our communities and help them to recognise their potential. One of the most significant aspects of the day is that it is not [...]

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Autistic Pride Day – Monday 18 June

Autistic Pride Day is a national day which occurs annually on June 18. Its aim is to celebrate what people with autism bring to our communities and help them to recognise their potential. Autistic Pride Day fits in perfectly with the ethos at Flower Lane, which provides specialist support to people on the autism spectrum. [...]

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Royal Wedding celebrations at Flower Lane!

Last week the nation was gripped by Royal Wedding ‘fever’ and it seems as if Flower Lane was no exception. Our day service for people living with autism put on a ‘right Royal’ themed get-together, which was well attended by staff, service users as well as their family members and carers. The Flower Lane afternoon [...]

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Flower Lane customer makes a splash!

Gary has autism, issues with his balance plus a fear of water and he has not been near a pool since he was a toddler. But since Rebecca, one of our Your Choice Barnet Support Workers, has got Gary making such a splash at the local lido his confidence has gone through the pool! It [...]

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Flower Lane encouraging people to speak out against hate crime

Staff at Your Choice Barnet's Flower Lane Autism Service are hoping they can help more service users report their experiences of hate crime, after taking part in an anti-hate crime training session yesterday. A hate crime is a crime committed against someone because of their disability, gender identity, race, religion or belief or sexual orientation. Hate [...]

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A flipping marvellous Pancake Day at Flower Lane

Staff and service users at Flower Lane marked Pancake Day recently by mixing a giant batch of pancake batter for all to enjoy. Traditionally in the Christian calendar, Shrove Tuesday marked the start of a period of abstinence for Lent. This meant using up the remaining ingredients that remained in the pantry/larder/cupboards. Thus the the [...]

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Merry Christmas, Flower Lane style!

Every year the staff at Flower Lane cap off a year of busy activities and events at their service by holding a Christmas lunch with all the trimmings. This week Flower Lane service users were joined by parents and carers and enjoyed a traditional Christmas lunch with all the trimmings. The flock at Flower Lane [...]

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