For the past nine years, the children and young people of the Grahame Park have enjoyed an annual sporting event on its Concourse. But in recent years, the flock from Flower Lane have been making an annual trip to Urban Gamez too!

One of the co-ordinators, Shelly Latty said: “We love to make a point of  joining in with the Urban Gamez every year. The clients really enjoy all the sights and activities going on around them.”

The Flower Lane bunch had their lunch at the event, but didn’t stop there! They also took part in some of the warm-up and dance routines.

Attending an event like Urban Gamez is great for helping Flower Lane service users gain confidence when they are out and about in the community.

Plus that means even more locals are out in force to cheer the children and young people of Grahame on as they race.

Urban Gamez? It’s a win-win situation!