Golden Retrievers are dogs that are known for their sweet sociable temperament – which means they are a very popular choice as therapy dogs.

One local resident, Rhona, has been visiting our Flower Lane Day Service with her pet dog Fifty, who just happens to be a therapy dog from ‘Pets for Therapy’.

At 18-months old he is very calm, loves people (and will only bark if scared).

Fifty has proved to be a hit with service users at Flower Lane as his lovely temperament puts them at ease, even those who are a little scared of animals.

Fifty has helped with the therapy of Flower Lane service users by

  • Helping them get used to being around dogs as most are very frightened or fearful around pets.
  • Offering them a sense of calm and relaxation by just sitting with him and brushing his beautiful, golden fur.
  • Encouraging social activity with friends.
  • Helping those who might miss their own pets since leaving home and moving on.

So far, the therapy sessions with Rhona and Fifty have been a real success. All the service have all really enjoyed the time and cannot wait to see Fifty again.

The Flower Lane service is extremely appreciative of Rhona’s time as she comes to the service with Fifty as a volunteer in her own time.