Autistic Pride Day is a national day which occurs annually on June 18. Its aim is to celebrate what people with autism bring to our communities and help them to recognise their potential.

Autistic Pride Day fits in perfectly with the ethos at Flower Lane, which provides specialist support to people on the autism spectrum.

Staff, parents and carers work hard throughout the year to host events that will support Flower Lane service users to gain confidence, so they feel engaged and a part of the wider community.

For example, service users very much enjoyed a party that was held to celebrate the Royal Wedding back in May. Flower Lane Action Group (FLAG) do fundraising events to ensure varied and engaging activities like these remain possible for the flock at Flower Lane.

This week, Flower Lane will be having their own special celebration to mark Autistic Pride Day – we hope to share some photos of that event shortly. Watch this space! Or better still, keep checking the Your Choice Barnet website…

In the meantime, a ‘throwback’ shot of Flower Lane flock enjoying their trip to the seaside during Autistic Pride Day 2017.