Rosa Morison is a day service for adults with profound and complex learning and physical disabilities.

We pride ourselves on giving people the support to exercise choice and independence in their day-to-day lives.

Well regarded by parents, carers and professionals, we work with health professionals to offer a fun and supportive environment. There is a strong focus on therapeutic programmes that maintain people’s health and wellbeing.

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Phone: 020 8359 3500

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Our work

Our staff work with service users, their families and carers to agree and meet personal targets to enhance their life.

We provide intensive support based on the needs of each person who uses our services.

We offer people small group activities run by two staff and will provide one-to-one support if required.

Our programmes are tailored to each individual and can include:

  • hydrotherapy in our onsite spa pool
  • speech and language therapy input if required
  • individual physiotherapy programmes
  • access to music therapy
  • occupational therapy support and advice
  • the use of objects of reference
  • intensive interaction techniques in our Multi Sensory Room.

We can provide support to people with complex eating and swallowing regimes and those who receive nourishment through alternative methods.

To find out if Rosa Morison can help you or your family please contact us today.

Our people

We understand each service user has different needs and requirements to reach their individual goals.

That’s why we have a range of specialist skilled staff to help people gain confidence and independence in their wider lives.

Our staff are trained and experienced in supporting people with complex medical needs, such as epilepsy, suctioning and administration of intrusive medication.

We also work in partnership with the University of Hertfordshire to provide work-based placements for students on its Learning Disability Nursing courses.

Occupational therapist

Our occupational therapist offers assessments to help us make the most out of each individual’s abilities, and engage and support them in all of their daily activities. They give advice on how best to provide and design services, and offer staff training to our specialist team.

They also work with us to ensure the environment at Rosa Morison is an enabling one, fully adapted and modified to meet service users’ needs.

Helping our family

“The care Rosa Morison gives is first class. From providing Isabella with personal care support, facilitating her meals which she needs via a peg, right through to giving Isabella her medication. She also gets to spend time in the sensory room, swim in the hydrotherapy pool and get involved in activities like music and nail painting.

“The things Isabella needs to have; she has it at Rosa Morison.

“All the staff are very kind and very good at what they do. I completely trust every single one of them. They give disabled people the opportunity to feel alive and happy.

“The staff are supportive and help our family every day with the best possible care.”

Isabella's mother Sonia

Testimonial from Tony Silver, brother and carer of Chris Silver

“What makes Rosa Morison unique? The quality of the staff, they’re inspiring and care so much. They pick up on Richard’s (service manager) energy, commitment and positive vibes, and share the same conviction to give the very best service. Marlene and Suzi, to name but two members of staff, are absolutely brilliant.

“The way they care – the quality of their care – makes up for all the torments service users live with. They truly believe in getting the most improvement possible for each individual. They have hearts in the right place and go the extra mile.

“I believe Rosa Morison is the flagship for learning disabilities, and known as a centre of excellence throughout the country. They are multi-cultural and, in my opinion, offer a world class service.

“Chris has been going to Rosa Morison since it opened, and attends five days a week. I’m only sorry our mum isn’t alive to see the improvements in the quality of his life. While mum was alive he wouldn’t ever look up to the horizon, but these days he will look at his carer with eyes of recognition.

“Chris has excellent support from his home carers too, as well as his respite service, but in my opinion the staff at Rosa Morison must take a big chunk of the credit for my brother’s quality of life.”

Chris Silver

‘Wow’ moments from Rosa Morison

A ‘wow’ moment from service manager Richard’s perspective

“Just had John’s annual review and his mother commented on the excellent service we provide for the clients at Rosa Morison. Now that is a WOW moment!!!!”

Compliment by text message from a parent to a member of staff

“You are one of the most hard working people I know. You make things work. You make difficult situations easy.”

Praise for the service from a support worker retiring after 18 years

“Everything I learned in life, I learned it here. Rosa Morison gave me everything.”

A ‘wow’ moment told by Marlene, senior support worker

“H, who does not communicate verbally, comes to Rosa Morison for a half day on Fridays. When she arrived last week her mum said she was upset and playing up. As we got into the lift I was carrying a box of tea bags to take upstairs. H brightened visibly, blew me a kiss and made a little bow, and said ‘Tea please!'”