Rosa Morison had some very special guests last Tuesday when Zoo4You visited.

They brought with them a wonderful mix of animals for service users to hold, including snakes, rabbits, a skunk, a chinchilla and a Madagascan cockroach.

Rosa Morison Manager Richard Buckman said the main benefit to service users was f

or them to experience animals they otherwise would not get to see, touch or interact with.

The experience of handling and stroking the assorted collection of friendly animals from Zoo4u is an important part of expanding service users’ sensory-based understanding of the world.

“It is amazing to see people react to the different animals,” he said.

“In most cases they were very interested and eager to touch the animals – both cute furry ones and also some of the critters.”


Zoo4U is a family run company who is passionate about animals and wants to help people how to learn to handle animals. They take their band of ‘unusual’ animals into schools and other organisations.

If you are interested in finding out more about Zoo4U, visit their website: